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Where to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo 2018 in Miami, FL

Photo: Although we’re just a group of Honda dealers serving Miami, we’re pretty sure that we can recognize a party when we see it. And with our perfect 20/20 vision, we know that there’s no better partying time than the Fifth of May. Plan on...

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5 Amazing April Fools’ Pranks to Play on Easter

“I’ll take ‘Obscure Dates You Shouldn’t Know’ for $300, Alex.” The last year in which Easter shared the same day as April Fools’ Day. “What is 1956?” That’s right: It’s been 52 years since we’ve had Easter fall on April Fools’ Day. Luckily for all us pranksters in the...

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2018 March Madness Honda Bracket: Miami Region

The holy March Madness holiday tips off on March 15, 2018, and with it comes your annual office tournament pool. Will this be the year a Cinderella heads to the Final Four, or will the status quo continue? We don’t know—we’re Miami Honda dealers, not NCAA basketball...

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Fort Lauderdale Spring Gardening Calendar & Tips

You’ll find more than just trees of the palm and orange variety in Fort Lauderdale. In fact, the country’s seen more homeowners take trowel to soil now than ever before, making it one of the fastest-growing hobbies for millennials and the elderly alike. Aside from...

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