10 Life-Changing Car Accessories for Your Dog

Best Dog Accessories for Cars

Did you know that Honda (sort of) made a special vehicle for man and man’s best friend? The concept car, which debuted as the Honda WOW (Wonderful Open-hearted Wagon) in Tokyo some 15 years ago, featured a number of unique items. The most notable features: A state-of-the-art dashboard with a ventilated pet-storage glove box (i.e. dog crate), a center walkthrough lane, and wood-paneled floors for easy “pet stain” cleanup.

Unfortunately, the Honda WOW never wowed the U.S. market – what a bummer. However, there are a great many car accessories for dogs that should make you and your pupper happy as clams during your next road trip. In honor of the Honda WOW, and to celebrate National Dog Day (August 26), here are some of our favorite travel-ready car accessories for puppies, pooches and pets of all sizes.

10. Dog Crate/Kennel

According to Lindsey Wolko, pet safety expert, a secure dog crate is essential when you travel with a pet. The dog crate or kennel should be crash-tested and constructed of high-strength materials, as cheap, plastic dog crates can be destroyed in a car accident. Crating your dog when traveling may also ease his or her nausea (motion sickness).

The Gunner Kennel G1 crate and Lucky Kennel crate are certified by the Center for Pet Safety.

9. Car Seat Covers

Seat protectors for your vehicle do just that: Protect your car seats and upholstery from scratches, stains, and more. A good car seat cover is more for your peace of mind than your dog’s. However, car seat protectors also give your pet a fairly even and comfortable surface for your dog to walk on.

Your car dealer should be able to order a genuine car seat cover for your specific vehicle. If you happen to drive a Honda and live in South Florida, contact one of our South Florida Honda dealerships to get a quote for a Honda SUV seat cover in Miami.

8. Dog Harness

Dog harnesses, just like seatbelts, should be used anytime the vehicle is in motion. Canines are just as susceptible to injury in the event of a car crash, and a good dog harness helps to protect them in those instances. Plus, harnessing your dog in the back seat keeps them from pawing at your lap, begging for attention.

Check reviews to find the best dog car harnesses here.

7. Foldable Dog Ramp

Especially useful for senior dogs, a minivan or SUV ramp is an excellent purchase prior to any lengthy road trip. They’re lightweight, compact, and can be easily put together in a moment’s notice. 

Read these reviews of vehicle ramps for dogs to find one that accommodates your dog’s weight.

6. Spill-Proof Travel Water Bowl

When you’re driving, the last thing you want to worry about is a mess in the back. An anti-spill water bowl for your dog should ease your worries. Many portable travel dog bowls are collapsible and fold up to easily store in a bag, but to prevent spills, you’ll want a special pet bowl that lays flat.

The Heininger WaterBoy bowl is touted as the best product, though there are many other items to try.

5. Rear Cargo Liner

If your dog’s seat is in the very back, protect the floor and rear seats from drool and drips with a rear cargo liner or mat. The Honda CR-V cargo liner, for instance, attaches securely via a horizontal pole and covers the back of the seats, the sides of the cargo area, and the entire floor.

You can order and have your CR-V cargo mat or liner installed at any Honda dealer near you.

4. Dog Cooling Mat

Although your vehicle is pumping the A/C, your dog can still overheat incredibly quickly – that’s what happens when you don’t have pores from which to sweat. This can be a particularly difficult problem to combat when traveling during the summer.

A dog cooling mat or pad helps to cool your pet’s core temperature without the need for electricity. Because these mats are pressure-activated, all your pet has to do is hunker down and let the gel pad do its job.

Check out these self-cooling dog pads for the car.

3. Car Door Protector

Drool. Nails. Teeth. Your dog can do a whole lot of damage to your car doors simply by sticking his head out the window. A car door guard reduces those risks.

These products attach securely to the door frame, either with plastic or metal strips, and keep the upholstery and plastic protected. Better yet, they’re waterproof and washable, so you can scrub off your overzealous pup’s slobber once you get home.

PupProtector™ Car Door Guards have good reviews, though there are dozens of alternatives available for sale online.

2. Interactive Dog Toys

Entertaining your kids on road trips is easy: Your Honda Pilot has Wi-Fi and a rear entertainment system with Blu-ray™ player, so they’re all set. However, it can sometimes be more difficult to keep your dog occupied.

That’s why you should always pack a few interactive travel toys for your canine buddy. Products like KONG chews, flip boards, and any type of treat dispenser can be godsends when traveling. Research some of the best dog toys to keep in your car right here.

1. Handheld Vacuum

A portable, handheld vacuum is especially crucial to have when traveling with hairy dogs that shed (we’re looking at you Labradors and German Shepherds). These tiny car vacuums are excellent for impromptu cleaning sessions, and many of them can even be plugged into a USB port or DC outlet.

Better yet, if you own a Honda Odyssey, you can utilize its HondaVAC® system to suck up the floating dog fur. The Odyssey vacuum features a replaceable filter bag and an 8-foot-long hose, allowing you to clean up to the front row.  

Want to try the Honda vacuum to see if the Odyssey is right for you and your dog? Swing by any of our South Florida Honda stores to test drive the new 2020 Odyssey and learn how to operate HondaVAC (it’s super simple).