Ever wonder how Honda operates so well in America when you can barely grow sweet potatoes in your backyard? We’re here to lay down all the details so that you can rest easy at night knowing Honda of America Manufacturing is earning its reputation as one of the top auto manufacturers in the world.

Over 30,000 Employees

You’ll find 30,000 happy and enthusiastic Honda employees working across the country, and even more overseas. Approximately 73% of those associates work in one of the above manufacturing facilities, and Honda hasn’t had a mandatory layoff in half a century. Our Honda dealers near Delray Beach, FL, are also part of more than 160,000 employees found in U.S. Honda dealerships.

70% of Hondas Sold in 2016 Were Made in America

Last year, nearly 7 out of 10 Honda models sold in America were built on American soil. What’s more remarkable is the fact that the following 11 U.S. cities were able to produce almost 7 million Honda models, components, engines, parts, and more:

  • Marysville, OH
  • East Liberty, OH
  • Lincoln, AL
  • Greensburg, IN
  • Timmonsville, SC
  • Swepsonville, NC
  • Greensboro, NC
  • Anna, OH
  • Russells Point, OH
  • Tallapoosa, GA
  • Burlington, NC

New Acura NSX
New Acura NSX – Photo:

An additional Honda facility in Marysville, OH, also debuted in 2016, and its’ small team’s sole purpose is to manufacture the new Acura NSX. Although our lovely South Florida towns haven’t been graced with one of these facilities, there’s still time!

23,600,000 Hondas Sold in America
Honda Investment Map – Photo:

23,600,000 Hondas Sold in America

Over the last 35 years, America has seen over 23.6 million new Honda models and select Acuras sold. Broken down, that’s an average of over 650,000 Acura and Honda cars, trucks, vans, and crossovers sold to American consumers each year. Impressive, to say the lease.

America is Honda’s Epicenter of Innovative Design

Honda’s Research & Design (R&D) department is based in California but has developed Honda models that have traveled millions of miles across the country. For example, the new Honda Pilot, Odyssey, and award-winning Ridgeline were all completely designed in America, and there are even more Honda models in the works.

Going Green is Honda’s New Plan

Not only is 90% of each new Honda vehicle recyclable, but the manufacturer is also taking additional steps to become “greener.”

When driving past the Honda distribution center in Windsor Locks, CT, you may notice the extensive solar panel array atop its roof. Producing over 1-megawatt (or 1,000 kilowatts), these solar panels will offset more than 570 tons of greenhouse gases like CO2 each year. It’s just one small part of a larger eco-friendly plan to halve our carbon footprint by the end of 2050. Read more about Honda’s environmental impact and future plans here.

Producing More than Just Road Vehicles
HondaJet HQ in Greensboro, NC – Photo:

Producing More than Just Road Vehicles

Honda has invested over $200 million into other avenues of production, most notably in the aerospace industry. The HondaJet, a revolutionary light jet, is produced right out of Honda’s facility in Greensboro, NC, and its specialized engines are built just miles away in Burlington.

Incredible Dedication to Safety

A virtually unprecedented 10 Honda (and Acura) models received an IIHS Top Safety Pick or Top Safety Pick+ rating in 2017, including the Honda Accord, CR-V, Pilot, Ridgeline, and Civic. Care to try one of these Top Safety Picks out yourself? Come take a test drive at any of our South Florida Honda Dealers locations around Miami, Coral Springs, or Pompano Beach!

Unwavering Dedication to Local Communities

Whether investing money in organizations or donating time to community events, Honda of American Mfg. and its associates have helped communities across the country come together for great causes. Recently, the company donated $1.8 million to three local Ohio hospitals, allowing the medical facilities to further educate and train staff, expand services to underserved parts of the community, and update equipment.  

Our South Florida Honda Dealers Are Dedicated, Too

In the mold of Honda of America Manufacturing, our auto dealers are also invested in our South Florida communities. Not only do we offer incredible Honda offers on the newest models on the market, but we also help our customers secure financing on new and CPO Hondas and much more! If you’re interested in becoming one of the millions of other Honda family members, then contact your nearest South Florida Honda Dealers location today. We have new Honda & used car dealers throughout southern Florida, including Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and Coral Springs.


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