11 Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas for 2021

Do you smell that? Inhale deep. Waft it in. That’s the familiar aroma of love in the air, which means that Valentine’s Day is right around the bend. 

Wait — does something seem slightly off to you? Like we’re stuck inside some endless loop in which a pandemic is still raging on? No, you’re not crazy. This year’s Valentine’s Day is going to be unusual, so it’s time to start planning for the most unusual Valentine’s date you’ll ever have. Check out these unique Valentine’s Day ideas if you need a place to start.

Valentine’s Date Ideas: Pandemic Edition

1. Head to a drive-in movie.

Winter is still roaring in half the country, but not here in Florida. With average February temperatures hovering above 78 degrees, we’re certainly lucky to have extra options when it comes to planning Valentine’s Day activities.

Take the drive-in theater, for example. In most of America, these shut down around Thanksgiving (or earlier). But Miami and Fort Lauderdale’s most popular drive-in movie theaters — like Thunderbird Drive-In and Carpool Cinema Wynwood — operate all year long. It’s an ideal place to spend a pandemic Valentine’s Day in South Florida.

If you do plan for a doubleheader, we’ve got a few useful drive-in theater tips to share with you, but above all else, we recommend bringing a Honda Ridgeline (seriously). We can’t overstate how perfect the Ridgeline is for a drive-in theater. 

Drive-In Movies In a Honda Ridgeline

Built-In Cooler

Fitted with a handy drain plug, Ridgeline’s lockable In-Bed Trunk makes life easier at the drive-in. Fill all 7.3 cubic feet with ice and some drinks, and everything will stay chilled until the double header’s film credits roll.

In-Bed Audio

Perhaps our favorite Ridgeline truck feature for drive-ins is its truck-bed audio system. Running separately from the cabin, the in-bed sound system can tune into the drive-in theater’s FM station and deliver high-fidelity sound through its wall speakers. 

Lay-Flat Bed

There are no obtrusive wheel wells in Ridgeline’s bed — just wide open space for you to put down a 2-person air mattress or a couple camping chairs. 

Power Outlet

Nighttime temperatures in Miami can get chilly. With Ridgeline’s 400-watt in-bed power outlet, you can hook up a small space heater and keep those toesies toasty once the sun sets. 

2. Take an online class together.

Want to learn how to cook? Make pottery? Paint like Bob Ross’s long lost twin, Rob Ross? Head to the world wide web, not a classroom. Contact a small business near you to see if they’re hosting any virtual classes, or take a gander at this (short) list of online courses:

Whatever course or class you choose, remember to have fun. 

3. Play Top Chef at home.

What if you’re both already good in the kitchen? Then it’s time to put your skills to the test by competing against each other in a cook-off, a la Chopped or Top Chef. You make the rules, of course. 

4. Head out on a road trip vacay.

In 2021, Valentine’s Day lands on a Sunday. Why not take a miniature vacation to see some local or nearby sites? You can book a campsite or sleep in the back of your Ridgeline if you want to stay socially distanced and avoid the crowds. For those near Miami, we also suggest checking out these Instagram-worthy sightseeing spots.

5. Tour a museum virtually.

Explore some of the best museums from around the world — all from the comfort of your couch. Many museums, from Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum to the Guggenheim in NYC, offer virtual tours of their exhibits. Visit travelandleisure.com to see which one(s) you’d like to spend time in.

6. Go on a bike ride. 

Should the weather hold up, a leisurely afternoon bike ride is an excellent idea for Valentine’s Day. Not only can it be fun, but riding bikes as a couple also releases endorphins. Roll around your neighborhood. Cycle to a nearby park. Or head to the trails with your mountain bikes. 

Go Biking For Valentine's Day - Made Easier by Honda Passport Roof Racks

If you choose the latter, it’s the perfect opportunity to utilize your versatile Honda Passport. With Honda’s newest rugged SUV, you’ll have access to 2 available roof rack bike attachments. These are lockable and click right into the crossbars. Passport’s underfloor storage compartment fits all your loose gear, as well, including helmets, water bottles, and a first-aid kit. 

7. Sing some karaoke at home.

Karaoke bars may not be ideal places in which to hang out during a pandemic, but that shouldn’t stop wannabe singers from belting out notes at home. Rent a karaoke machine for a weekend and have a blast in the living room. This is a great option if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with the whole family, too.

8. Create a scavenger hunt.

This last Halloween, neighborhood scavenger haunts were a hit. It’s time to swap themes, from “spooky” to “lovey-dovey,” and put together your own Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. It’s always best to create riddles that match your own partner’s personal tastes, but it never hurts to borrow ideas from sites like playpartyplan.com or kaseytrenum.com

9. Build a blanket fort. 

Grab all the blankets and pillows you can find, and allow your inner-child to come out and play. Building a good blanket fort takes teamwork, patience and communication — which so happen to be the cornerstones of any good relationship, too. 

We realize it’s been a while since you’ve constructed a fort. Luckily for you, the internet is full of fort-building videos, like this one from Buzzfeed.

10. Try an “mberry” taste test.

Have you heard of the miracle berry (or mberry) tablets? If not, do yourself a favor and prep for an mberry taste test — also known as a “flavor-tripping party” — this Valentine’s Day. Essentially, the Miraculin protein in mberry tricks your brain and taste buds into thinking sour or acidic foods are sweet and succulent. It’s really bonkers. 

Having personally participated in a flavor-trip party, we recommend the following foods to try with mberry on Valentine’s Day:

  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Strawberry
  • Dark chocolate (90%+ cocoa)
  • Stout or porter beers
  • Pineapple
  • Grapefruit
  • Orange
  • Salt and vinegar chips
  • Kiwi
  • Sour candies
  • Kombucha (cheers to all you fellow hippies)

If you enjoy wacky and weird, an mberry tasting sure beats a romantic dinner at a restaurant.

11. Escape the city for some stargazing.

Whether you’re on your way to becoming an official astronomer or simply interested in stargazing as a beginner, there’s no time like the present to venture outside and dive into the Milky Way. Grab binoculars (telescopes aren’t absolutely necessary), fold up a star chart, and download a stargazing app like Starwalk, SkyView, Google Sky Map, or Exoplanet.

Honda Pilot Panoramic Roof

You can also stargaze from inside your Honda Pilot. Thanks to its available panoramic roof, Pilot offers gorgeously stunning views of the night sky from every seat in the proverbial house. 

Best of all, you can even buy a 2021 Honda Pilot with a 0% interest rate* at a Honda dealership near you. (What a Valentine’s Day gift to yourself, eh?) To take advantage of the 0% APR offer on the Pilot and other new Honda models, speak with your South Florida Honda Dealers today. 


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