Making summer plans for a family road trip? Whether you’re heading down to Miami Beach for a weekend or headed towards Greenacres FL, it pays to be prepared. As you get the SUV ready for your family vacation, don’t forget to pack the best car accessories money can buy. That way your road trip will go off without a hitch (unless you actually need a towing hitch).

Choosing Entertainment for Kids on Road Trips

The novelty of the License Plate Game fades with each crossed state line. You’ll want a variety of kid’s games and entertainment to ensure “are we there yet?” questions are never asked.

15) Rear Entertainment System

A tablet or portable DVD player works well in a pinch, but nothing beats a built-in entertainment system. Vehicles like the Honda Pilot and Honda Odyssey include back-seat entertainment in the form of 9-inch and 10.2-inch screens, respectively. Stream your kids’ favorite cartoons or pop in a Blu-ray Disc™ for a few hours of relative peace and quiet.

14) Wikki Stix

A Wikki Stix playset will keep younger kids happy for hours on end. Various road trip-ready products are available for purchase on, including the Lil’ Traveler set, which includes dozens of 6-inch Wikki Stix, connect-the-dot activities, Tic Tac Toe, Road Trip Bingo, and stickers.


Keep the conversation flowing with a family Q&A session. TABLETOPICS includes over 100 unique questions that are appropriate for both kids and adults. Some are fun (“what’s your favorite ride at the amusement park?”) and some are inspirational (“who is your hero and why?”), but each TABLETOPICS card is 100% entertaining. You can order your pack for $25 at

12) Apps

As a general form of road trip entertainment, any child apps available on the play store should be tested. Treat your kid like a guinea pig—it’s okay in this case—and delete any apps or games that he dislikes.

Great Road Trip Organization Accessories

The key to a successful road trip is organization. Organize your snacks. Organize your cargo area. Organize your schedule. Organize, well, everything you can.

Great Road Trip Organization Accessories

11) High Road Kids Food ‘n Fun Backseat Organizer

No one likes a chaotic backseat—not even your kids. This insulated cooler is the ideal solution to declutter the clutter. It keeps drinks chilled while also offering flip-up tray tables, cup holders, and various storage compartments for crayons, tablets, and headphones. You can order your backseat organizer at

10) Cargo Organizer

Similarly, you want your cargo area to be free from messes. A cargo net, tray, or organizer helps you become a trunk-Tetris wizard. You can buy aftermarket cargo accessories for your road trip just about anywhere, though we recommend genuine Honda accessories if you plan on taking a road trip in a Honda SUV or minivan. Our Miami Honda dealerships can order and install any OEM accessory before your vacation—all it takes is a phone call!

9) Star Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray

As far as kid’s road trip accessories go, the Snack & Play Travel Tray from Star Kids is a notch above the rest. Made entirely of durable Nylon, this travel tray features large mesh pockets, a 2-inch lip to eliminate dreaded in-car food droppage, and adjustable buckles for easy installation and removal. Plus, it’s simple to clean; just wipe away messes with a damp rag or wet wipe. Order a Star Kids tray for under $30 at

8) Car Seat Tablet Holder

Don’t have the luxury of buying a new Odyssey van with a rear entertainment system? A cheap backseat organizer and tablet holder should suffice—at least, for one road trip. The DMoose organizer is highly reviewed and includes several hooks and compartments for kid’s toys and crayons, an anti-kick mat, and a plastic-sealed enclosure built specifically for tablets. Grab one on Amazon for under $30.

Keep Comfortable on Your Road Trip

The long-distance road trip can destroy relationships, not to mention your tailbone. Staying comfy from mile 1 to 1000 is like searching for the Fountain of Youth—but it can be had with these road trip accessories.

Keep Comfortable on Your Road Trip

7) Rear Sun Shades

Keep the sun out of your kid’s face by applying some window shades in the back seat. Enough said.

6) Foam Car Coccyx Cushion

Let’s face it: your butt is going to go numb on road trips. Reducing the discomfort your gluteus experiences requires a good car seat cushion, particularly with coccyx support. It will help relieve pressure on your tailbone and reduce lower back pain. Most car seat cushions can be purchased for under $40, including top-rated foam products from Aylio.

5) Kid’s Neck Pillow

Taking a nap in the car can be difficult for younger children. It’s simply not simple to get comfy in a booster seat. A soft hypoallergenic neck pillow may be just what the sleep doctor prescribed. Order a  cheap Critter Piller Travel Buddy pillow for your family trip, and your kiddos will be counting sheep in no time.

4) Head Support Strap for Babies

If you thought toddlers had it bad, try catching a snooze as a heavy-headed baby! An adjustable, eco-friendly cotton support band will keep your baby from becoming a backseat bobblehead. Just strap it onto the cat seat, adjust the length, and let them nap. This Donier support band costs about $10 on Amazon, though there are a number of similar products out there.

Convenience on Road Trips

Don’t let your road trip become overbearing. Bring convenient car accessories along to reduce your stress.

Travel Kid’s Potty

3) Travel Kid’s Potty

Emergencies emerge quickly, and if you’re not prepared for them, you’ll be kicking yourself. Bring a portable toddler potty along on your road trip. (Thank us later.) The 2-in1 Go Potty™ with Travel Bag from Oxo is less than $20 and comes in various fun colors.

2) Portable Diaper Changing Kit

Traveling with a baby presents many challenges, but you’ll be ready for it all with a portable diaper pad. Priced under $15, the Castle Kids Co all-in-one changing pad keeps all the diaper-changing necessities within reach. When your baby is smiling and clean, just wrap the pad up and store it for later (about an hour).

1) A Vacuum

While we don’t recommend hauling your Hoover stand-up with you, a small portable vacuum is certainly one of the best accessories for road trips. Better yet, why not just suck up those French fries with the built-in HondaVAC in your new Odyssey minivan? (Duh.)

If that sounds appealing, take a detour and visit one of our Honda dealerships in South Florida. We have great sales on the 2019 Honda Odyssey available all summer! Just find a Honda dealership near you. We have Honda dealerships located throughout the South Florida tri-county area including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Greenacres and more. Pick up the phone, and dial away!

Now you’re ready for your family road trip. What are you waiting for? Get out of here! Git!




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