As the premier group of Honda dealers in South Florida, we always welcome competition. We’re certain of our ability to provide customers with superb prices, selections, and services that are second to none—and we feel the same level of confidence about the 2016 Honda Accord’s capability to outshine the 2016 Kia Optima.

What is it about the Accord that makes it so appealing? Offering refinement in every cubic foot helps. From the efficient powertrain to the roomy cabin to the ample trunk space, the Accord is a class-leading sedan that keeps the midsize segment ticking even as crossover sales soar. Let’s see how well it performs when competing against the 2016 Optima. Hold onto your hats as these two standard-bearers face off in this year’s Accord vs. Optima showdown.

Which Sedan Performs Better?

Although crossovers and minivans certainly outshine midsize sedans in categories like passenger volume and storage, they have to claw their way to the top when it comes to performance. Offering exceptional fuel efficiency, handling, and acceleration, cars consistently deliver refined responsiveness that isn’t possible to achieve in most larger vehicles. But when comparing grades between the Kia Optima and the class-leading Accord, it’s clear that the Optima is overshadowed in all facets of performance.

Experts agree that the 2016 Accord is the midsize ideal by which other sedans should emulate.


Acceleration and braking ability place the Accord into a category all its own, with the available V6 models offering even better numbers than some luxury cars. Handling around turns is superb and produces little cabin sway; steering aids in this endeavor, which in turn will surprise passengers whose natural inclination is to grip door handles.

Brakes are quick to grab traction and react evenly to both feather- and iron-feet. Acceleration is above average thanks to the standard four-cylinder engine—Edmunds states that the V6 engine returns class-leading acceleration—and Honda’s acclaimed CVT. Even cabin noise is barely evident on the most jagged roads, which is a testament to Honda’s perfectly engineered suspension system and the vehicle’s use of sound-dampening materials.

In the other corner is the 2016 Optima. A better version of its predecessors by all accounts, the newest Optima unfortunately still lacks the same fine-tuned performance as its Honda Accord competitor. 

Critics have noted that the Optima has overly sensitive brakes that are difficult to feel no matter the heel pressure. The transmission stutters slightly at low speeds, making acceleration especially awkward in slick conditions. Low-resistance tires tend to squirm when driving on less-than-ideal roadways. Most prominent is the Optima’s mediocre handling, which is caused primarily by an uncharacteristic numbness. Steering leaves much to be desired; many find it to offer very little feedback, while some even claim it produces intermittent stickiness in its steering column. These flaws contribute to the noticeable body motion on bumps, dips, and around turns.

The 2016 Accord is as composed a vehicle as any within Honda’s lineup, let alone Kia’s, and it deserves its global praise.

Luxury Comfort in a Midsize Package

Sedans have come a long way over the years, and now offer exceptional spaciousness and comfort that would have been unusual for this segment a decade ago. Among such sedans are the Honda Accord and Kia Optima, both of which appeal to more than your typical everyday commuter.


In the 2016 Honda Accord, drivers and passengers alike will be welcomed with comfortable seating and a quiet cabin—both of which are segment-defining standouts that might make luxury sedans envious. Rear seating in the new Accord offers ample legroom and soft cushions, which make long road trips more manageable. The back row is also easy to access no matter your height because of the Accord’s raised roofline—something the Optima lacks—and wide door frames. Optional leather seats raise the Honda into the elite class of opulence at a midsize-sedan price.


In the front, drivers will find an airy cabin and high-mounted seats. Large windows and upright pillars offer incredible forward visibility, and the rearview camera is a nice touch even if most models now have these fitted as standard features. Eight-way power seats, a telescoping steering column, and a touchscreen with synced steering wheel controls round out the notable interior features.

Kia’s Optima would be a worthy competitor to the Accord if not for its heavy use of plastic, obscured rearview visibility, and lack of roominess. In particular, the Optima’s sloped roofline makes for a low ceiling and limited amounts of headroom for the average adult. On paper, passenger volume is increased from its past models, but the Optima doesn’t show it. Moreover, the 2016 Optima’s cloth-upholstered seats lack lateral support due to low-mounted cushions that leave knees pointing skyward. If you’re tall and enjoy your hair scraping the headliner and rear pillar, by all means, try an Optima.

The 2016 Accord is a prime example of how to build a sedan from the inside-out.

The 2016 Honda Accord: Winner in Overall Value

When deciding on your next vehicle, the overall value you’ll receive from being the proud owner of a 2016 Honda Accord can’t be overstated. Although similarly priced to the Kia Optima, the Accord is packed with pleasures that Kia’s sedan does not. If ride quality, comfort, precise handling, acceleration, safety, and visibility are important to you, the Honda Accord is a perfect addition to your garage.

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