The beautiful new 2016 Honda Accord is not only a work of art; but also a show-stopping success. Just ask the folks at Car and Driver Magazine. The automotive authority recently named the 2016 Honda Accord to its prestigious list of “10Best” Cars. This marks a record 30th time the Accord has received Car And Driver’s top award. That’s more “10Best” awards than any other car in the magazine’s history. But they are not the only ones to sing the Accord’s praises. gave the Accord its “Top Rated Award” and Kelly Blue Book ranked the Accord as one of its “15 Best Family Cars” for 2015, singling out the Accord’s “impressive comfort, driving dynamics, and family practicality.” The 2016 Accord also gets top marks for world-class safety features, earning an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Top Pick+ designation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also gives the Accord its top 5-Star overall vehicle safety rating. The many accolades the 2016 Honda Accord has received are just some of the reasons the Accord should be at the top of your list when considering a quality midsized family sedan. The 2016 Accord has the style, sophistication, performance, fuel economy, technology, and advanced safety features that today’s car buyers are looking for. Let’s find out why.

New Eye-Catching Exterior

You are sure to get admiring glances no matter where you go in South Florida when you drive the completely redesigned 2016 Honda Accord. The Accord has gotten rave reviews for its gorgeous new “Acura-like” sheetmetal. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if your Accord wouldn’t be mistaken for a luxury sports sedan costing thousands more.’s David Gluckman gives his take on the new Accord’s looks by saying “The more noticeable fiddling concerns the styling. No drastic moves here either, and it’s not as though the 2013–2015 models were looking dated, but next to the new car, the previous version appears a little soft.” “The front fasciae, again distinct between sedan and coupe, have a more aggressive look for 2016, but one that’s thankfully more restrained than what Toyota visited upon the latest Camry,” Gluckman adds. “Sedans get a bright chrome grille that reaches with thin strips above the headlights, and coupes get a darker finish on a narrower grille. The Accord Touring model now comes with LED headlights, and the projectors on the rest of the lineup have been restyled; all models get new LED taillights while LED daytime running lights are included on most 2016 Accords. Many models get larger-diameter wheels, with the Sport and Touring designs now measuring 19 inches, the largest yet for a Honda car.”

Refined & Updated Interior

Step inside the new 2016 Honda Accord at one of your South Florida Honda Dealers, and be amazed by its quality and quietness. The new Accord’s interior makeover benefits from a higher level of premium materials, along with exacting attention to detail. You can equip your Accord with a variety of available upmarket features, including supple leather seats, a 10-way power adjustable driver’s seat, heated rear outboard seats, power moonroof, and more. 2016-honda-accord-interior Plus, you and your passengers will be impressed by how roomy and quiet the new Accord’s interior is. Honda designers paid special attention to providing ample head and legroom both front and rear so you and your passengers can stretch out in comfort. Honda has also reworked, simplified, and updated the Accord’s instrumentation, making it more intuitive and ergonomically smarter. As with some other cars, you won’t have a steep learning curve with the new Accord as all switches and instrumentation are logically arranged, so you feel right at home in your Honda right from the start.

The High-Tech Features You Want

Everyone’s talking about technology these days. Whether it’s the latest smartphone, the biggest LED TV, or the hottest new gadget, people demand that their tech is the most cutting-edge available. The 2016 Honda Accord delivers with a suite of advanced high-tech “infotainment” functions and features that would make even the “geekiest” of us break out into a broad grin. At the heart of the new Accord’s technology command center is a large, 7-inch color touchscreen that lets you easily control a variety of key connectivity, communication, entertainment, and navigation functions. You can use the Accord’s voice-activated features to do things like make and receive calls or access the easiest navigational routes. Let the Accord read your text messages to you without dangerously fumbling for your smartphone (never a wise idea) while driving. Use the Accord’s Bluetooth® Streaming Audio to tune into your favorite playlists or use the dedicated USB audio interface. Enjoy uninterrupted music, sports, information, and more with available Sirius® XM Radio, HDRadio®, and Pandora®. Moreover, now, Honda introduces Apple CarPlay® and AndroidAuto®. These two services put the power of your smartphone in your hands to sync up to your lifestyle like never before. And speed-sensitive volume control (SVC) automatically compensates for road noise. Now that’s smart!

Impressive Performance, Fuel Economy & Handling

Not only does the new 2016 Honda Accord look the part of a sporty, sophisticated vehicle from the outside, but it also delivers with a level of performance and handling that you wouldn’t expect from a daily four-door family cruiser. In fact, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think you are driving a luxury sports sedan. In other words, the Accord is one car you won’t mind taking for a long drive up or down the coast just for the fun of it. The reason? First of all, let’s talk about the Accord’s excellent engine choices. Honda has once again shown that it engineers some of the world’s most advanced engines and transmissions. But don’t take our word for it. Jeff Sabatini of Car And Driver says, “A manual transmission worthy of a sports car can be found in our favorite, the four-cylinder, four-door Accord Sport. Or you can get a six-speed with a third pedal mated to the 278-hp V-6 in the coupe. That same V-6 with a proper six-speed automatic turns a loaded Accord sedan into such a luxury-car stand-in that it gives product planners in the Acura wing at headquarters as many fits as it does Honda’s rivals.” What Mr. Sabatini is talking about, of course, is Honda’s dependable i-VTEC 16-valve, 185-hp 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, as well as Honda’s superb 3.5-liter, 278-hp, 24-valve i-VTEC V6. With either 185 or 278 ponies at your disposal, you have more than enough power to merge or pass confidently on our rapid-fire Florida interstates. Pair these exceptional engines with either a standard 6-speed manual transmission, a Continuously Variable Transmission with paddle shifter, or a silky smooth 6-speed automatic. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the Accord’s excellent fuel economy numbers. When mated to the 6-speed manual, you’ll get an EPA-estimated combined 27 mpg. The Sport CVT bumps up these numbers to an EPA-estimated combined 37 mpg. For even better fuel economy, engage Eco-Assist™ to adjust various parameters for improved fuel efficiency. A special readout on the instrument cluster shows you how to maximize your Honda’s miserly nature. 2016-honda-accord-trunk One of the other many attributes you’ll come to appreciate about the new 2016 Accord is its handling. One of the many reasons that Car And Driver named the Accord to its prestigious “10Best” list a record 30 times is because the Accord affords a much more sophisticated and sportier ride than one would expect for a car in this class and at this price point. High-performance dampers, a revised suspension, improved bracing, and re-calibrated electric steering contribute to the new Accord’s confident and sport-minded handling characteristics. As’s David Gluckman explains, “Honda improved body rigidity on most sedans with bulkhead and floor bracing as well as a thicker shock-tower brace. These changes are so subtle we were unable to notice them specifically on our brief drive, but we can report that the Accord continues to feel solid as ever. The suspensions have also been reworked, in part to deal with the extra un-sprung weight from the wheels as well as to improve overall ride and handling.”

Occupant Safety Matters Most

Safety is always a big consideration when buying a car. After all, there are few things more important than you and your passengers’ safety when traveling along our increasingly congested South Florida highways. Honda understands this fact and strives to excel in building some of the safest cars on the road today. Evidence of this is in Honda consistently ranking at the top of major auto industry safety ratings. As we mentioned previously, the Accord gets a 2016 IIHS Top Safety Pick+ rating, as well as the NHTSA’s highest 5-Star safety ranking. The reason for these industry safety accolades lies with Honda Sensing®, a comprehensive arsenal of “active-driver” safety features that utilizes radar, optics, and other advanced technologies to help you avoid accidents and injury. Honda Sensing® integrates a variety of key safety functions into one seamless system. These advanced safety features include forward-collision warning, road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, lane-departure warning and a standard rear backup camera. Honda’s unique Lane Watch incorporates a small camera mounted in the passenger-side mirror. When you use a turn signal, Lane Watch displays an image that is up to four times larger than what you would see through your side mirrors. Another important Honda safety innovation is the smart ACE™ body structure. It uses high-tensile steel and a special design to distribute the force of a frontal collision throughout the structure to help minimize occupant injury.

Proudly Made In America

We’re also proud that Honda is “Made In The USA” at Honda’s highly advanced Marysville, Ohio manufacturing facility. American Honda workers take great pride in producing some of the world’s most reliable automobiles, and it shows. According to a recent IHS-Polk survey, more than 75% of Hondas built in the past 25 years are still on the road today. That’s a testament to the dedication of Honda’s global team of engineers and designers, as well as the 4,250 workers at Honda’s Marysville plant. As one proud team member put it, “Honda matters to me.” We invite you to take the beautiful new 2016 Honda Accord for a test drive at any of our conveniently located South Florida Honda Dealers. Discover for yourself how the Accord’s outstanding quality and craftsmanship put it miles ahead of the competition. Click here to find a South Florida Honda Dealer near you. Sources: