As technology has advanced, so too has the compact car segment. More Mighty Mouse than Hulk, small cars like the 2016 Civic and Chevy Cruze are ideal vehicles for drivers who can appreciate the idiom that good things come in small packages. Cars of this stature now come with incredible fuel-efficiency ratings, style inside and out, and engines more powerful than you’d have expected 20 years ago. So when we compare any two vehicles—in this blog we’ll take a look at the 2016 Honda Civic vs. the Chevy Cruze—it’s obvious that variety is the spice of life, and buying a car is more than picking out a color.

To make the decision a bit easier, let’s dive into how the Civic and Cruze compare so that you can finally discover your own Mighty Mouse.

Redesigned & Ready to Compete

Redesigned from their respective 2015 model years, the Civic and Cruze have sparked a new rivalry thanks to their across-the-board improvements in appearance, packaged features, and ride quality.

The new Civic boasts some incredible interior refinements and features, the most notable of which is the high-res gauge cluster. Bright and colorful, this cluster replaces the older yet beloved display from model years past. Controls on the steering wheel are as usable and responsive as ever. The center stack is another defining feature of the Civic; deep (really deep) and raised up to a comfortable level, the stack has movable and removable holders for cups and smart devices, a slide-out elbow rest, and a silicone spill pad lining the bottom that can be removed. Easter Egg: Check out the bottom of the spill liner to see one of four Honda designs. From the driver’s seat, you’ll feel cozy in your home away from home.

The Cruze feels large, but with one cubic foot less interior and trunk space than the Civic, this is merely an illusion, and a good one at that. Both the Civic and Cruze have spacious 60/40 rear seats, though the seats in the Cruze are awkwardly raised, leaving something to be desired. Chevy’s central touchscreen is easy to use, though the materials seem somewhat crude, almost like the plastic used to manufacture some generic brand of tablet.

With the 2016 Civic, Honda upped its class-leading performance. A turbocharged 1.5L engine can be equipped in any Civic trim level and body style, from the two-door coupe to the sedan—a first-ever option that can’t be matched by the Cruze—while a 2.0L DOCH i-VTEC® engine that produces 158 horsepower comes standard throughout the lineup. The turbocharger delivers a truly dynamic and powerful driving experience; it’s quick and responsive, and leaps and bounds better than the already impressive engine found in the pre-2016 Civic models.

Ride quality is equally superb in the 2016 Civic—a test drive at one of our Honda dealerships near Boca Raton will prove this to be true—thanks to a gold-star chassis, improved suspension, and superior driving visibility. Handling and turning are impeccable, to say the least, and not a twitch can be felt in the pedal or steering column when accelerating up to highway speeds.

The Chevy Cruze, on the other hand, handles like a large sedan but without the extra roominess and wheezes when reaching higher RPMs. The steering feels numb and unresponsive at both low and high speeds, and the brake pedal is placed far too high above the floor, which might just cause shin splints if you do a lot of stop and go driving. Ever gotten shin splints from driving? The Cruze’s auto-stop engine is its trademark, but the transition from on to off feels neither seamless nor smooth. The Cruze is also less efficient on fuel (31 mpg compared to 30 mpg, respectively) thanks to a 200-pound difference in weight.

Now’s the Time to Buy an Award-Winning 2016 Honda Civic

With this newly redesigned Civic, Honda reminds us whose trophy their competitors are seeking to win. If you close your eyes and try to imagine yourself in a compact car, we bet the Honda logo is emblazoned on the hood. Are we right? At South Florida Honda Dealers, we’re your source for more than just great prices and deals on Honda vehicles in the Hollywood, FL, area. If you’re wondering whether a Civic or Cruze is best for you, locate and visit the mightiest dealership in your area to make an informed decision—the right decision, really—and we’ll come to save the day. Just like Mighty Mouse.