Chevy Equinox

Ladies and gentlemen, South Florida Honda Dealers is proud to present the main event: The 2017 CR-V vs. Equinox bout.

In one corner, with an official weight of 3300 pounds and a wingspan of 180.6 inches, is the undefeated, best-in-class, supremely refined 2017 Honda CR-V crossover. Honda’s rival across the ring, coming in at a staggering 3700 pounds and with a length of 187 inches, is the contemporary 2017 Chevrolet Equinox. Let the battle for crossover supremacy begin!

Round 1: Looks

What gives the 2017 CR-V a kick of personality is its flawless style.

On the outside is a stunning crossover that looks the part of a modern SUV thanks to LED running lights, a split mesh grille, and a bodacious rear-end.

2017 Honda CR-V Dashboard


In the cabin, the CR-V is bright and fresh. Most notable is a highly functional yet refined dashboard that stretches out without impeding on legroom. Comfortable leather seats, an illuminated door sill, and matte wood trimming round out the interior and make the CR-V a favorite amongst our Honda dealers near Hollywood, FL.

The 2017 Equinox comes mostly unchanged from its last model year, with just a dash of stylistic updates thrown in here and there. Aside from a few touches of chrome, a buffed-up fascia, and the addition of two limited models, the Equinox doesn’t strike us as extraordinary. Its aging style is most evident in the awkward grille—seriously, it looks like a tiny braces-packed mouth—and side cargo windows that improve visibility no more than a side-view mirror. And there’s no premium audio system available on the Equinox, which wouldn’t be an issue if we lived in 1997.

Round 2: Convenience

The biggest mystery is how the 2017 Honda CR-V managed to improve on last year’s already impressive spaciousness.

2017 Honda CR-V Interior


Five adult passengers can fit in the CR-V without once muttering the word “cramped.” Even cargo room has been bumped up nearly a foot, adding more allure to this mystery; fold the second-row seats flat and that room expands to about five feet. With a hidden stowage compartment and low floor, the cargo area on the 2017 CR-V is most certainly one of the best in its class. And there’s even more space for your thingamajigs thanks to a cubbyhole and configurable tray in the central console.

Despite looking like a large SUV—it’s seven inches longer than the CR-V—the 2017 Equinox doesn’t seem to benefit much from improved cargo space. It’s a tad too high off the ground to be 100-percent useful, and the max 63.7 cubic feet of space is far from comparable to the CR-V’s 75.8 cubic feet.

Round 3: Performance

The new CR-V is built on a platform that’s more rigid, which gives the suspension a bit of leeway on not-so-nice roads. Ride quality is made even better thanks to sound-dampening materials surrounding the cabin.

Standard 184hp 2.4-liter inline-4s deliver an EPA estimated 28 mpg combined in CR-Vs with FWD, while AWD models top out at 27 mpg. CR-V EX, EX-L, and Touring trims will come equipped with a 1.5L turbo-4; FWD models with the turbo-4 are rated at 30 mpg combined, and AWD versions drop to just 29 mpg.

With the 2017 Equinox, drivers receive an SUV that’s not quite found its footing. Largely unchanged mechanically since 2010—ouch—the ’17 Equinox in FWD utilizes a standard 182-horsepower 2.4L 4-cylinder that manages 26 mpg combined; move into the AWD version, and that drops to 23 mpg. An upgrade to the 3.6L V6 powertrain comes with a rating of 23 mpg/20 mpg combined for respective FWD and AWD models. Engine noise isn’t entirely subdued, shifting can feel jittery, and high-rpm acceleration isn’t thrilling, to say the least.

Test Out the Champion 2017 CR-V Today!

Award-winning style. Impeccable handling. All the space in the world. These are but a few reasons why the 2017 Honda CR-V is a knock-out, besting the ’17 Chevy Equinox in every category that matters to car owners. It’s difficult to imagine a crossover as in-tune with the modern world than Honda’s refined CR-V.

Ready to see why we feel the all-new CR-V deserves to be your next new SUV? Visit your local South Florida Honda Dealers location to take one for a test drive. We have car dealerships near Pompano Beach, FL, as well as the areas of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Port St. Lucie.

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