A decade in and the Honda Fit still radiates charm and carries that adventurous spirit our Honda dealers near Boynton Beach have come to love. Offering flexibility from front to back, great fuel economy, and loads of style, the Fit in its 2017 form is a beautiful example of Honda’s capabilities and ingenuity. Bask in its glory.

Patented Five-Door Versatility

Even with its tiny physique, the Fit doesn’t balk at the sight of a large SUV. Hidden underneath the layers of steel, aluminum, and plastic is a versatile little car that can compete with the most overly confident crossovers.

How so, you ask? Magic—or rather, its innovative second-row Magic Seat. Unique to the Fit, this Magic Seat can flip over, down, and under, transforming the cabin into up to four modes:

  • Utility Mode – Extend trunk space to an SUV-comparable 52 cubic feet—more than enough room to haul a bike, dresser, or guitar amps—by folding the Magic Seat completely down.
  • Long Mode – Push the passenger-side seats down to accommodate longer items such as a surfboard, wooden planks, or ladders.
  • Tall Mode – Pack up the rear headrests and shove the Magic Seat cushions up, allowing for up to four feet of space in the back.
  • Refresh Mode – Recline the passenger seat flat, and the Honda Fit becomes your traveling nap-mobile.

This versatility makes the Fit a fit for any family, freeloader, or traveling clown troupe. In fact, it offers slightly more rear legroom than the Honda Accord, which is known for its roomy interior.

2017 Honda Fit Patented Five-Door Versatility
2017 Honda Fit in Refresh Mode – Photo:

An Efficient Car for Any Adventure

With the fuel-efficient 2017 Honda Fit, you can truly let loose your inner Indiana Jones and explore the world. The Fit LX, when paired with Honda’s famous CVT, achieves a combined 36 mpg. Even the top-tier trims (the Fit EX and EX-L) come in at 34 mpg combined, leading to fewer stops at the pump. Best still is the fact that the Fit’s 1.5L 4-cylinder engine rarely sputters and accelerates without stubbornness.

Fuel consumption is but one efficiency in which the Honda Fit excels; with its smaller frame, maneuvering in and out of the narrowest of spots is no big deal, especially when its multi-angle rearview camera is fully utilized.

Grab a Chic 2017 Fit at South Florida Honda Dealers

What’s trendy today isn’t typically trendy ten years later, but the ever-popular Honda Fit doesn’t follow these nauseating cultural standards. It sees the road differently, and it just might be the vehicle we need to change the world, one driver at a time.

Ready to embark on a new adventure in the 2017 Honda Fit? Seek out assistance from your nearest South Florida Honda Dealers location around Miami to buy, lease, or simply test drive Honda’s newest subcompact hatchback. We have multiple new and used car dealerships near Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and the surrounding FL areas.

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