The year: 2014. Honda’s Ridgeline pickup truck declares its retirement, much to the chagrin of its loyal base of fans, most of whom had enjoyed the well-received model’s power and sophistication for nearly a decade. But a retirement it was not; the Ridgeline instead took a sabbatical to appreciate its own “me time,” to begin its evolution into a specimen of masterfully engineered perfection.

Three years later, just in time for the South Florida summer, Honda’s 2017 Ridgeline celebrates its return with a wave and bow, waiting for its standing ovation.

With top-of-the-line performance, a bevy of nifty features, and a full-bodied array of truck-bed accoutrements, no other truck in its class offers all that the 2017 Honda Ridgeline does—and we’re certain of it. Find your nearest South Florida Honda Dealer location online, and test drive what we consider to be the most innovative midsize pickup on the market. Just get ready to join the crowd in heavy applause.

Love at First Sight: When SUV Meets Truck

When once detractors may have poked fun at the Ridgeline’s past styling as too aggressively adventurous, they’re now at a loss for words. The new Ridgeline is a marvelous sight, inside and out, thanks in large part to Honda’s SUV-embracing ingenuity. The exterior is more tasteful than any of its predecessors now that the Ridgeline looks slimmer and sports a straight-edged bed and more traditional front-to-back style. The truck bed was also splashed with a bit of beautification, boasting a much more contemporary appearance that ultimately improves accessibility from the vehicle’s side.

Its frame is similarly cast in the Pilot’s unibody mold, though it’s much sturdier than the SUV’s, allowing the Ridgeline to transport payloads comparable to that of the segment-leading Chevy Colorado. Honda’s produced the Ridgeline for the every-day SUV driver, while also catering to the 90% of truck lovers who require the towing power and convenience inherent in a pickup. For the average person, a midsize truck like the 2017 Honda Ridgeline is a smarter option for regular use. With a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that spits out 280 horsepower, the truck can tow an incredible 5000 pounds. For its size, Honda’s beast of a pickup impressively provides power without sacrificing fuel economy. Rated at 22 combined mpg, the Ridgeline will take full advantage of its traction-management and power-shifting systems when extra power is needed, but otherwise stands firm with its fuel efficiency numbers that are comparable to those attached to midsize SUVs.

Inside of the truck’s cabin are an arrangement of SUV-consistent comforts. The cabin feels enormous in both front and rear seats—it has an impressive 109-cubic-feet of room—materials are fine and thoughtfully pieced together, and the driver-side controls are intuitively laid out along the center dash and within the steering wheel. It has a wide sunroof that exudes class, and the 60/40 split-rear seating offers additional storage capacity.

In essence, the new Ridgeline looks and fits the part: a midsize SUV with a truck bed that embarrasses its competitors. And that’s a good thing.

2017 Honda Ridgeline Features: More than Just Noteworthy

The drawing board was kind to Ridgeline engineers post-sabbatical. Expanding on what made the Ridgeline’s earlier models so well-loved—a compact yet convenient cabin layout, loads of modern features and comforts, and unique storage solutions—Honda stepped up to the proverbial plate and knocked one out of the park. With seven (count ‘em: SEVEN!) trim levels from which to choose, buyers are rewarded with more contemporary features than they could shake a stick at.

Mirroring the Honda Pilot’s interior, the 2017 Ridgeline comes with a full range of controls, most of which are built right into the center console. The Honda infotainment system takes center stage, showcasing its bright and invigorating 8-inch touchscreen. Paired with Garmin, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, this system is intermixed with a boisterously fun 540-watt sound system to keep the tunes thumping.


Also available are power features, air conditioning, adaptive cruise control, USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, push-button start, forward-collision warning and automatic braking systems, lane-departure warning assistance, and blind-spot monitoring, among others. When visiting one of our Honda dealerships near Hollywood, FL, be sure to ask about available add-ons and accessories, such as roof-mounted ski racks and in-bed tents (nifty, right?).

The 2017 Ridgeline is as civilized as ever thanks to these class-defining features.

A New Standard for Pickup Beds: Setting the Stage for the Future

The newly imagined truck bed is what truly sets the Ridgeline apart. Yes, its streamlined appearance is astounding, but it’s what the bed does that helps the Ridgeline break away from the pack.

First, the 2017 Ridgeline truck bed is layered with a protective polymer liner, which thoroughly shields against dings, scratches, dents, and punctures associated with payload transportation. In fact, Honda went ahead and performed a drop test to prove its quality is unparalleled (watch the video below).

Perhaps the most clever and innovative feature of the Ridgeline’s truck bed is its dual-action tailgate. It not only folds down as would a typical tailgate but also has hinges to swing out from the side, allowing users to have easier access to the bed and its many features. This is an especially handy option when moving heavy or particularly awkward items, as a standard tailgate may not withstand such burdensome cargo and its fluctuations in weight displacement.

Rated to carry more than 1500 pounds, the Ridgeline’s bed is surprisingly wide, making it the only one capable of storing four-by-eight materials securely between the wheel wells. With the tailgate down, the bed extends to just about 7-feet long.

Even more, Ridgeline owners will appreciate the lockable sub-trunk within the bed itself. Perfect as a built-in 82-quart cooler—it comes fitted with a flat bottom and drain—this added storage space is exceptionally handy for everything from tailgating to camping. And with the unique addition of in-bed waterproof speakers and Bluetooth-enabled streaming (separate from the audio inside the cabin) and a 400-watt AC outlet, you’ll have every opportunity to stay connected to your devices and the aforementioned thumping tunes.

Your 2017 Honda Ridgeline is Ready for Pick-Up

With all the flourishes you’d expect from a class-leading Honda Pilot, combined with the superior towing and transportation capability of Ridgelines past, Honda’s newest truck is clearly unrivaled.

If you’ve searched for a midsize truck that mixes power with comfort, only to discover a lack of options, visit a South Florida Honda dealer to visualize life inside a new Ridgeline. Check our respective inventories to find Honda’s newest arrival in stock, then request a quote from one of our Honda dealers in South Florida. And be sure to ask about any Honda offers we may be able to extend toward the purchase of a 2017 Honda Ridgeline!