Both the 2017 Ridgeline and Tacoma both fall into the category of “midsize truck,” but only one stands for something more. The Tacoma, just like every other rival competing within the segment, is built on a traditional truck frame; the Ridgeline, however, makes use of a unibody design that gives owners a bit lot more versatility. So which of these pickups is the ideal choice for you? Let’s find out.

Safety & Tech

2017 Toyota Tacoma

One of these two trucks can claim an IIHS Top Safety Pick+, a five-star overall rating from the NHTSA, and a number of other safety awards: The 2017 Ridgeline. Toyota’s Tacoma is a middling entry into the midsize truck field when it comes to safety, and it shows. It received just four out of five stars in crash tests and couldn’t even nab an IIHS Top Safety Pick nomination.

The Ridgeline makes better use of available technology by incorporating features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, adaptive cruise control, and up to four USB ports—all of which are unavailable in the Tacoma. Toyota’s truck does have a higher-resolution standard touchscreen (6.1 inches) than the Ridgeline (5 inches), but its upgradable 7-inch display is outplayed by the Ridgeline’s premium 8-inch screen.   

Winner: Honda Ridgeline

Comfort & Utility

Having the benefit of being built on a unibody frame, the Ridgeline is a road trip-worthy pickup. Compared to the Tacoma, the Ridgeline’s rear legroom, hip room, and shoulder room make it a mobile palace. A wider and longer bed awaits owners on the outside, and we haven’t even mentioned the innovative features Honda added. (Now we will.)

The Ridgeline’s dual-hinge tailgate swings down or to the side, offering more flexibility when loading and unloading materials. Along the bed’s walls is an available 150W/400W outlet that transforms the truck into a portable workstation or football-watching station, especially with the separate in-bed audio system. Of all the additions to the Ridgeline for 2017, our South Florida Honda Dealers’ favorite is the 7.3 cu. ft. In-Bed Trunk, which includes a pop-out drain plug and compartmentalized areas for storage. It’s like a car trunk, but way better.

2017 Honda Ridgeline offers Utility


Winner: Honda Ridgeline

Fuel Efficiency

Trucks aren’t known to be fuel-sipping vehicles, which puts the Ridgeline ahead of the Tacoma from the get-go. Honda’s Ridgeline with AWD pulls in an estimated 18 mpg in the city and 25 on the highway. The highest Tacoma TRD Pro trim returns slightly less (18 city/23 highway). When equipped with FWD/RWD, both trucks can attain an additional mpg in each cycle.

Winner: Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline Offers Fuel Efficiency


Towing Capability

All Ridgelines with AWD have a maximum tow capacity of 5,000 pounds. The Tacoma can only handle a load of about 3,500 pounds unless equipped with the pricey V6 Tow Package, which pushes the maximum towing limit to 6,400 lbs. If price is a major concern, the Ridgeline is your elected King of Haul. For all others who like to have a bit of additional hauling prowess, go ahead and spend more for the Tacoma and an optional V6 package (we dare you).

Winner: Honda Ridgeline

Award-Winning Nature

If high safety ratings weren’t enough incentive for you to choose the Ridgeline, perhaps its status as the North American Truck of the Year will sway you. We wrote about this amazing achievement earlier this year, but it bears repeating: The 2017 Honda Ridgeline has no competition. How can the Tacoma match up with the Country’s top truck?

Winner: Honda Ridgeline

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