Trying to find a Christmas car gift for the guy who has everything? Here are 10 cool automotive gift ideas of 2018 that’ll rev his engine—literally.

Flood Guard Car Bag

Get your guy ready for Florida’s next hurricane season with the Flood Guard car bag. As you may have guessed, Flood Guard bags protect his prized vehicle from floods, heavy rain, and storm surges. It includes four anchor straps that attach to immovable landmarks such as pillars, so his car won’t float away when Hurricane [Whatever] comes through South Florida next year.

ARB Inflatable Car Jack

With a lifting capacity of over 8,500 pounds – double the weight of a Honda Ridgeline or Honda Odyssey – the ARB Bushranger X-Jack is a perfect Christmas present for DIY mechanics and auto enthusiasts. It pumps up via the vehicle’s exhaust, can be used in sand and mud, and provides 31 inches of lift.

Honda Cufflinks

Keep him looking his best with a set of handmade Honda cufflinks. Because each pair of stone cufflinks is custom made, order ASAP to ensure you have the perfect car Christmas gift to put in his stocking.

Lanmodo Wireless Car Tent

The world’s first wireless automatic “car tent” will keep your guy’s car nice and cool, even when the Florida sun is beating down those UV rays. Installation takes just seconds, and one full charge can last for up to 45 days. Best of all, it can also be used as a standalone beach umbrella and mobile phone charging base. It’s a great Christmas gift, regardless of your dude’s vehicle make or model.

High-Performance Driving Experience

If your guy is part speed-demon, he’ll love red-lining it on a closed raceway course. He can compete against himself to score the best lap time or simply enjoy the thrill of turning left over and over again. Several non-competitive performance driving programs are available in South Florida each year, so check out Hooked On Driving’s website for scheduled events and classes.

Stringback Driving Gloves

Don’t just throw him to the auto-racing wolves without first giving him the tools to succeed! Pair his high-performance driving experience gift with a pair of snazzy high-performance driving gloves this Christmas.

Honda Seatbelt Belt

Made with authentic Honda-style seatbelt buckles, these belts – the kinds that hold up your pants – are stylish and functional. They’re so stylish, in fact, we may even order a few for our South Florida Honda sales team. (Our secret.)

COOLTECH Car Seat Cover

Perhaps the important guy in your life is 3’0” and terrified of flu shots. He’ll certainly appreciate fewer trips to the doctor, but maybe not as much as getting fastened into a cooled-down car seat. COOLTECH seat covers will protect your babe from hot metal buckles and plastic while also reducing the risk of heat exhaustion.

ALLVIEW Blind Spot Rearview Mirror

For beaus without the luxury of having blind-spot monitoring in their cars, this extended rearview mirror will make life easier. It offers a full view behind and to the side of his vehicle, eliminating the need for him to go full-on Exorcist when changing lanes or merging onto I-95.

Authentic Honda Accessories

Anyone with an authentic Honda vehicle will adore you for getting them an authentic Honda accessory as a Christmas gift. From all-weather floor mats to cargo storage organizers to remote engine starter systems, your Honda dealer will happily find, order, and install any genuine accessory—just in time for the holidays.

SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT! Visit your South Florida Honda Dealers location to discuss which Honda accessory might be the ideal Xmas gift to put a bow on this Christmas.



Honda – Seatbelt Belt – Black Webbing