Have you procrastinated getting Mom something special for Mother’s Day? Shame on you! To help you make the best choice before May 13 arrives, check out these hip, chic, and super-trendy Mother’s Day gift ideas for moms who always seem to be on the road.

Hood To Go Portable Rain Hood

Although Miami is no Seattle, it does get approximately 130 days of rainfall each year. And while Mom may keep an umbrella in the trunk of her car, that’s no guarantee she’ll remember to bring it into the office on an especially rainy morning.

The solution: Hood To Go, a traveling rain hood that fits easily into any purse or bag. Made of poly microfiber, this portable and washable hood is worn as a vest underneath clothing and jackets. When the sprinkles arrive, Mom can just pop the hood up and get moving.

Purchase it directly at for about $25.

Mini Car Vacuum

If your mom isn’t lucky enough to own a Honda Odyssey, she might not realize how convenient it can be to have the built-in HondaVac system. Get her the next best thing: A cheap mini car vacuum. Sold for under $20, this USB-powered vacuum picks up sand, pebbles, and hair-ties with ease.

USB Power Bank & Multi-Tool

If your mom is always on the move, her phone is probably running on empty by noon. Sure, you could give her a new smartphone charging cable—nothing says, “we respect and love you, Mom,” quite like a power cord—but why not venture into the twenty-first century with your Mother’s Day gift?

The Switch 10 device from Goal Zero is the modern-era multi-tool. It allows Mom to charge her devices using the solar-powered 2,600-mAh battery, but there’s far more to this cool tool than that. In addition to being a portable smartphone charger, this gadget also connects and powers other various USB devices, like laptop lights, mini fans, and more.

The Goal Zero Switch 10 is sold on their website for under $50.

Furbo Dog Camera

Motherhood is not restricted by species! Moms all over the country adore their four-legged children, too, so why not act on the family dog’s behalf this Mother’s Day?

Essentially the realization of 1984 but for canines, the Furbo Dog Camera helps moms keep an eye on their pets when no one is in the house. From the Furbo smartphone app, users can watch, listen, talk to, and even feed their dogs treats. What a world we live in.

Get current pricing info on the Furbo camera from their website.

Miami Babysitting Services

For dads looking to spoil their wives on Mother’s Day, nothing beats a day away from the house and—dare we say it?—the kids. Hire a babysitter to keep the children occupied while the two of you make a date night out of this May 13.

Serving Miami- and Fort Lauderdale-area parents, The Babysitting Company provides affordable childcare on an as-needed basis. All sitters are insured, screened, CPR-certified, and experienced, so there’s never any worry about quality. Request reservations or get pricing details at

Personalized Car Cupholder Coasters

A perfect fit for any old or new Honda, these cheap, customized cupholder coasters are personalized just for your mom or grandma. Visit this Etsy shop to buy a set of cupholder coasters for Mom. When ordering, be sure to choose an image you’d like on the coaster, and voila!

In-Home Massages

After a long workweek, Mom is due for a hands-on spa treatment. This Mother’s Day, bring that spa-like care into your own home by signing up for Soothe. After choosing a date and time, Soothe’s professional masseurs are sent to your home with massage table, lotions, and towels in tow. Pricing is comparable to what you’d pay at a local Miami spa, but Mom won’t have to leave the sanctuary that is her bedroom just to get a Mother’s Day massage.

Visit to get started.

Designer Smartwatch

These days, wearable smart devices are all the rage, especially in traveling-mom circles. With big-name players like Fitbit and Apple out there, you might be surprised to know that there are numerous trendy, chic, and fashionable options to get Mom this May.

Take a look at these designer smartwatches for an idea of what’s available.

ESPRO Travel Press Coffee Mug

Simple yet refined, the ESPRO Travel Press takes the best part of French Press coffee and puts it right into Mom’s cupholder. She’ll get to taste her morning coffee as the Europeans like it—hot, fresh, and unadulterated. Best yet, it’s compact enough to carry in a gym bag, briefcase, or messenger bag. Just add coffee grounds and h2o, apply some elbow grease, and let it rest for the smoothest cup of joe around.

Buy it at the ESPRO website for under $35.

S’well Water Bottles

As adorable as they are durable, S’well water bottles are made entirely of sustainable eco-friendly materials and come in various shapes and sizes, with the 9- and 17-oz products being the company’s bestsellers. One look at them, and it’s easy to see why women all over the country have chosen S’well to meet their hydration needs.

Most S’well bottles can be purchased for under $30, so check their vast selection of products at if you need a good Mother’s Day gift idea.

Personalized License Plate for Mom

Florida doesn’t allow plate frames that obstruct your license plate, but nothing is stopping Mom from adding a little touch of personality to her front fender. Grab a custom license plate this Mother’s Day, and install it to the front of Mom’s car in the morning. Better yet, buy her a new Honda and add it as a cherry on top!

Etsy has a large collection of fun license plates you can buy, including this cheap “Mama” plate. Do some research to find the best one for your own mama.

Portable Oil Diffuser

Forget those hanging trees and air-vent clips! Step up your game by giving Mom the ultimate fresh-smelling gift this Mother’s Day: A portable oil diffuser for her car. Before her morning commute, Mom can add a couple drops of essential oils into this waterless diffuser, plug it into the car’s USB port, and take a deep breath. Ahhhh.

The AromaAllure diffuser is available on Amazon for under $30.

Remote Car Starter

Mornings in Miami may not break any cold-weather records, but that doesn’t mean Mom should warm up her car like some Neanderthal. By installing a remote car starter system in her car for Mother’s Day, you ensure she has the right tools to always stay warm and toasty.

Our South Florida Honda dealers can order and install OEM remote-start systems for nearly any Honda model, old or new. Just find and contact one of our Honda dealerships located in Miami FL, Fort Lauderdale FL; all the way up to Greenacres FL, Delray Beach FL and Pompano Beach FL to discuss your options. If Mom could do with an upgrade, we can help there, too. Browse our selection of new cars for sale or choose one of our other certified pre-owned Honda vehicles, and Mom’s dream car will be waiting for her on Sunday morning.




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