At the 2019 Detroit Auto Show in January, judges will finally announce the winner of the coveted North American Car of the Year award. Three cars will be duking it out for the prestige of being the NACOY: the Genesis G70, Volvo S60, and the all-new Honda Insight hybrid. Although we may be biased – our recent review of the Honda Insight indicates this to be 100% true – we are confident the Insight will be bringing home the bacon.

Biases aside, here’s comparative data to back up our claim that the 2019 Insight hybrid is this year’s best car in the northern hemisphere.

Volvo S60 vs. Genesis G70 vs. Honda Insight

Entering the arena with a sticker price just under $23,000, the new Insight is the most affordable of the three cars, edging out the S60 and G70 by $12,000 smackaroos. That cost-savings extends into the realm of your day-to-days, too, as the Insight returns 55 mpg (city), which is more than the combined EPA-estimated ratings of the G70 (22 mpg) and V60 (25 mpg). The most fuel-efficient and affordable car on the list, the 2019 Honda Insight sure appeals to anyone who has respect for their bank account.

The new Insight hybrid sedan also comes with a stupendous 10-year hybrid battery warranty. Should your battery cease to work as it was intended, its replacement will be on Honda, ultimately increasing the car’s must-buy stature.

World-class regenerative braking is at the forefront of the Honda Insight’s technology. In the most innovative fashion, regenerative braking helps to recycle wasted kinetic energy, recapturing it as electricity and transferring it to the battery. Consider it the string to Benjamin Franklin’s kite. And unlike other hybrid cars with similar technology, the Insight’s regenerative brakes are subtle, smooth even, meaning you’ll never notice any strange spongy effects when coming to a stop.

Test Drive an Insight in South Florida

Slide your way inside and you’ll notice that the Honda Insight is all car. Five passengers can happily coexist thanks to the enormous 97.6-cubic-foot cabin and class-leading rear legroom. The central console and storage area is quite stunning, as well, offering a sliding insert that can be removed entirely or used to divide the compartment in three. Soft-touch materials abound, cockpit controls are easy to find and use, and the new touchscreen and infotainment system are majestic. Nothing about the Insight’s interior would give off the impression that it’s not a luxury car.

Test Drive an Insight in South Florida

As we wait patiently for the Insight to be officially named the best hybrid in America, there are half-full Insight bandwagons at our South Florida Honda dealerships that need to be filled. If you want to save money, the 2019 Insight is the first step toward accomplishing that goal. Visit a Honda dealer near you in South Florida to test drive the all-new Honda Insight, and become one with the future.

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