2022 Honda Civic Redesign: Here’s What We Know

With the Honda Civic 11th-generation release date quickly approaching (more on that in about 14 seconds), fans can expect four uniquely delectable models to purchase or lease, including the flagship sedan, a sporty Si, a fashionable hatchback, and a race-track-inspired Type R. (Did you sign up for a chance to win a new Honda Civic Type R? Click here to see if you were victorious!)

When’s the 2022 Civic Release Date?

Mum’s the word when it comes to the 2022 Honda Civic sales date. However, our South Florida Honda dealerships have heard that you can expect the new Civic sedan to be available in late spring (2021), followed by the Hatchback, Si and Type R.

Four New Civic Models. One Old Civic Nameplate.

2022 Civic Sedan

We start off with the new Honda Civic four-door sedan. Compared to the 2020-21 model, the ‘22 Civic is designed with a “Man-Maximum, Machine-Minimum” (M/M) philosophy in mind. That is, engineers created the Civic with one clear purpose: To serve the needs of its drivers and passengers. In doing so, the Civic design team has changed almost everything for the 11th-generation model.

The classic Civic look hasn’t disappeared entirely, however; the 2022 model carries over Civic’s dynamic sporty stance and low overall height to emphasize the “thin and light” body design that every Civic owner likes. However, many substantial changes were made to the outside.

One of the biggest changes is seen in the Civic’s upper body and hood. To maximize visibility, 2022 Civic has slid its A-pillars back and pushed the side-view mirrors down on the door, resulting in a wider angle from which drivers can see. 

New taillights were added, too, which only amplify the exceptional styling of the new rear fender and reflectors, trunk lid, and overall C-lines. 

Inside, 2022 Civic models get an even more dramatic makeover. A clean, uncluttered dashboard offers few distractions; the horizontal honeycomb mesh stretches the entire width of the dash, concealing air vents. 

New Honda Civic Interior

Civic introduces an all-new 100% digital driver’s cluster, which is a first for any Honda, as well as a 9.0-inch HD touchscreen mounted above the low-set instrumentation panel.

On the safety front, Honda Civic’s 2022 redesign brings multiple new active and passive driver-assist and safety features. An updated version of Honda Sensing is included, as well are newly designed airbags, and everything is built within Honda’s next-level ACE™ body structure, which is more rigid than ever before.

2022 Civic Hatchback

Recently “spy-shotted” on a closed course, the all-new Civic Hatch will be arriving at our South Florida Honda dealerships sometime after the 2022 Civic Sedan—it could even be out by the end of the year, per the beak of this yellow bird

New Honda Civic Interior

Photo: KGP Photography – Car and Driver

Based on its camouflaged appearance, the 2022 model will look markedly more subdued than the preceding 2021 Civic Hatch: fewer sharp points, more slope to the hood, some fins and vents for added texture. But that’s all we know about the new hatchback Civic, folks. Contact your nearest Honda dealer for more details about the 2022 Civic Hatchback’s price, release date, or features.

2022 Civic Si

Like an amped-up Civic sedan, the Civic Si, in its usual fashion, aims to spice things up for 2022. It’s a safe bet to say the new Si will offer some added power, more precise handling, and extra sporty dynamism compared to the sedan trim. Will it also come packaged with an intercooler opening? LED DRLs? Low-rise trunk with spoiler? Time will tell.

2022 Civic Type R

Expected to go on sale in 2022, the new 2022 Honda Civic Type R will be one of the last purebred gasoline Honda models ever made, as Honda has inevitably begun to pivot to an electrified lineup. 

It’ll be packed with a hellbender of a 2.0L turbo, or so we’re told, that will surely produce more than the current Type R’s 306 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. All-wheel drive is on the table, as well, which we’re pretty pumped about, if true. 

Of course, we’ll know more about the 2022 Honda Civic models in the coming months. In the meantime, all we can do is prognosticate and twiddle our thumbs in anticipation. To stay informed about the Civic prototype, including pricing, features and when each 2022 Civic redesigned model comes out, sign up here. (You can also contact a member of your nearest South Florida Honda Dealers to get informed when the Civic is ready to be leased or purchased in Miami.)