2022 Honda Odyssey Debuts at Chicago Auto Show

Anyone who liked a recent version of the Odyssey — read up on why we think the 2021 Odyssey is the best family vehicle, bar none — will feel right at home in Honda’s 2022 minivan extraordinaire. Does the Odyssey do it all? It can’t float on air or out-eat Joey Chestnut, but it does dang near everything else, and it does so with the utmost composure. And that’s about all you need to know, really. If you’re putting down money for a family minivan with seating for 8, it’s Odyssey or bust.

We didn’t want the new Odyssey minivan resting too comfortably on its laurels, however. So, after making its North American debut at July’s Chicago Auto Show, the ‘22 Odyssey Zoomed with us to discuss a wide range of topics. Guilty pleasures. The weather. Pet peeves. Nothing was off limits. Here’s a brief snippet of that interview.

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South Florida Honda Dealers: Good afternoon, 2022 Honda Odyssey — or can I just call you “Odyssey”?

2022 Honda Odyssey: Oh, absolutely. “Odyssey” is just one of the many names I go by. “Minivan O.G.” “Family Hauler.” “Homer.” I’m fine with any of them. 

Excellent. Well, thanks for taking time to chat with us. I know you had a very busy day and week.

Not a problem. Happy to be here.

So, let’s start off with something simple. Tell me about the Chicago Auto Show. Did it meet your expectations? How was the turnout?

It was exciting to see everybody back out there after the year we’d had. 


As far as expectations, mine were certainly exceeded. Being a new model, I got a pep talk from some older Odysseys about the whole situation — shout out to the real MVP, VIN JHMCR5F75FC984875, for being so supportive. There were certainly lots of butterflies still, but once that curtain got pulled open, my nerves were surprisingly calmed down. In the end, I really enjoyed myself.

And did you get to meet any local celebrities? I heard Abe Froman was spotted around the Honda booth earlier in the week…

Honestly, the week was all a blur. I remember meeting a few really adorable families, but I don’t recall Abe swinging by for a look. Maybe he was in disguise, rocking a mustache and long trench coat?

Knowing the shenanigans he’s gotten into, it’s certainly possible. 

Wouldn’t put it past him. 

Celebs aside, what were some of the comments you’d overheard? Being up front and center, I’m sure you have a much stronger understanding of public opinion than most others.

In regards to the auto show, everyone there seemed to enjoy the offerings and the venue, even though the normal 10-day event was cut in half. 

McCormick Place was really fantastic, though, and the shortened event didn’t feel rushed. It was planned out really well, from what I’ve gathered, and the weather definitely helped.

Yeah, we’ve heard the same. Sun does wonders for turnout. 

Indeed. We had some nice days.

And what did everyone have to say about you?

One of the main comments I overheard about me and the whole 2022 Odyssey line was, “That definitely looks like an Odyssey.” 

That’s a great comment considering your lineage. 

Absolutely. It’s relieving to know you’re following in your family’s footsteps, keeping up with tradition, living up to their name — that sort of thing. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a vehicle changes so drastically from one year to another. It can be jarring to consumers when there’s not a gradual progression between model years. It just breaks the flow, you know? 

Agreed. We’ve been big fans of the Odyssey nameplate for years, and it’s nice to know you’re sticking to what works.

Thanks. [Honda has] worked really hard to continue serving families with the best minivan they possibly can.

I’d say they accomplished that considering you and the whole 2022 Odyssey lineup won U.S. News’s Best Cars for the Money Award in the Minivan class. 

Kudos goes out to all the engineers who built us, honestly. We wouldn’t be able to offer the best combination of quality and value if it weren’t for them. 

Other than that award, what else can you tell our readers to sell yourself?

Put me on the spot, why don’t you? *laughs*

Well, the long and short of it is that I’m the Honda Odyssey millions of Americans already call family. You’ll find that I’m sleek yet practical, functional yet technologically advanced, and I’ve got an innate ability to keep kids safe. These are all things that people look for in a van.

Speaking of safety, I know the 2021 Odyssey was recognized as one of the safest minivans for families. Do you share that same distinction?

I take a lot of pride in being a guardian, if I’m being completely honest. My full Honda Sensing suite of safety systems ensures that everyone is protected, no matter the situation. I can recognize road signs and directly alert drivers to abrupt changes in speed limits. With Adaptive Cruise Control, I can stick to both a preset following distance and cruising speed. I even monitor the back row with Rear Seat Reminder, so kids and pets aren’t even accidentally left in the cabin. 

As far as official safety grades, only time will tell. I’ve already passed the NHTSA tests with flying colors, and I’m confident that the 2022 Odyssey will receive very similar IIHS safety ratings as the 2021 model.

Honda Odyssey CabinTalk

Two of the best features you and the rest of the new Honda Odysseys offer is the duo of CabinWatch and CabinTalk. What can you tell us about them?

Yeah, they’re some of my favorite relatively new features, too. 

With CabinTalk, parents can tap a button on my touchscreen to activate an in-cabin PA system. From there, I transmit their voice through the rear speakers and any headphones plugged into my entertainment system. 

CabinWatch takes things up a notch. Using the same menu, parents can turn on a rear-facing camera and watch what mid- and back-row passengers are doing. It also comes with night vision, so even when it’s pitch black out, no one can hide back there — not even a mustached Abe Froman.

Oh, nice callback.

I try. Cheesy callbacks are one of my guilty pleasures.

You just opened a can of worms. I’d like a deep dive into those guilty pleasures, but we’re out of time. Raincheck?

Sure thing. 

Hey, Odyssey, thanks again for your time. Where can families find you — or at least other Odysseys for sale?

I’m not sure where I’ll be next, but all Honda dealerships near you are selling and leasing 2022 Odyssey models right now. I’d recommend checking my brothers and sister out if you need a new family minivan. 

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