At South Florida Honda Dealers, we don’t condone violence amongst vehicles, but we do very much enjoy hypothetical situations. What would happen if there was an Accord vs. Sonata match? We can’t be sure who’d win, but our money’s on the 2016 Honda Accord. Thanks to its light yet hearty engine, top-notch style, and class-defining safety and comfort features, Honda’s midsize sedan is the prohibitive favorite no matter the venue—whether it’s in Vegas or one of our Honda dealerships in South Florida—to take home the belt.

Read our top three reasons why the Accord beats the Sonata below, and then visit one of our showrooms for an autograph from the champ himself.

#1 – That Honda Accord: So Hot Right Now

Sometimes moms are wrong: You can judge a book by its cover. At least, it’s reasonable to do so when we’re commentating on an Accord vs. Sonata bout.

With a tweaked front bumper and grille, lightweight aluminum hood, and LED headlights, everything about the Honda Accord looks and feels new. Its low-profile spoiler (optional) is mounted elegantly on the rear decklid. The dual exhaust pipes are unobtrusive and blend into the body. Alloy wheels help add a bit of edginess. A robust and refined interior looks like a cozy home that’s been freshened up by all the flourishes one could want. The 2016 Accord is an obvious upgrade to past models in terms of attractiveness. 

In stark contrast to the Accord, the 2016 Sonata comes makeup-free. Although spacious on the interior, Hyundai’s sedan looks coupe-like in size, limiting its attractiveness to lovers of sporty sedans. Seat height is unremarkable, materials seem less luxuriously crafted, and the view from the driver’s seat is obstructed thanks the Sonata’s exterior rounded-off design. While the car is undoubtedly sensible, it’s hardly sexy, and we may go so far as to call it a bit bland.

With Honda’s standing as one of the world’s most reliable auto brands, the Accord was primed for success from the get-go, but it still exceeded expectations upon release. In all, Honda built the 2016 Accord to look the part of a modern sedan, while Hyundai crafted their Sonata to merely act as a stand-in waiting in the wings, memorizing lines, and hoping for their big break.

#2 – Featuring Accord Features Never Before Featured

As one of Car & Driver’s 10Best winners, the 2016 Honda Accord is proof that the Honda development team cares about overall quality. With its newest model, the Accord’s dashboard tech is more organized and sports a refined infotainment center, which is a stacked set of screens that have more clearly defined roles. The Accord’s Android Auto and Apple CarPlay features are as responsive as we could ask for, and the ability to replace the infotainment interface with your phone’s UI is an ingenious addition—perhaps our favorite new Honda Accord feature.

Although the Sonata is the Accord’s closest rival in the realm of dashboard offerings—both models come with features like Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and steering-wheel controls—the 2016 Sonata lacks climate-control AC and the option for the car’s touchscreen to mirror your device’s interface, and its infotainment center is less intuitive than we’d like. The steering wheel also partly blocks the view of the dash gauges without adding any extra convenience for the driver. While Hyundai is clearly climbing the ladder of quality, they’re still a fair ways behind Honda in terms of available car features and driver/passenger comforts.

#3 – Honda’s Performance: Traditionally Good

Traditionally, large sedans aren’t made to appease the driving-is-really-fun crowd; they’re made for the practical family, the family that’s bidding on their first house, the family that enjoys ant-infested weekends at the park as much as nights buried in the couch. But Honda is setting the record straight: The 2016 Accord is anything but merely traditional. It’s nimble through turns, powerful enough to tingle the pads on your feet, and offers practicality to Florida families. How did Honda do it?

Some of it comes from structural changes; Honda installed a stiffened yet lightweight chassis to the Accord, in addition to a refined suspension system to improve handling. The Accord is slightly lower to the ground than the Sonata, and the lighter chassis makes it peppier than its Hyundai counterpart. Some of it is passenger-focused; Accords have more rear legroom than Sonatas yet also flash a thinner physique.

The majority of the rest is the CVT technology Honda has oh-so-craftily crafted these past years. Paired with a 2.5L four-cylinder engine, the CVT makes the Accord a fuel-sipper—its 31 combined mpg is nearly identical to the Sonata—and one of the quietest and most responsive sedans in its class during road tests. The 2016 Accord is pin-drop-echoing quiet in the cabin even though the four-cylinder produces 185 horsepower—optional on some Accord trims is a 3.5L V-6 engine that pounds out a staggering 278 horsepower—and 181 lb-ft of torque, which is about 5% more than what the Sonata can muster. In lieu of a V-6, Hyundai opted to produce high-end Sonata models with optional turbocharged four-cylinders, giving the clear edge to Accord and its 3.5-liter beast.

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Although the listed specs may indicate an equal playing field between the Honda Accord and Hyundai Sonata, the Accord feels more confident, more at home standing on the center podium. With top-tier performance and style to appeal to both pragmatic and enthusiastic crowds alike, the Honda Accord is smoother on the road and more pleasant to the eyes than its rival Sonata. Still not convinced? Check out even more reasons why Honda takes this matchup of Accord vs. Sonata.

As your trusted Honda dealerships in South Florida, we promise you’ll enjoy the 2016 Honda Accord from the moment your gazes meet. Doubt it? See for yourself! Stop into your local South Florida Honda Dealers location and test drive a new Accord this week. Combine your enjoyment of the Accord with our money-saving Honda offers, and it’ll feel like you’re getting paid to love your new car.



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