“I’ll take ‘Obscure Dates You Shouldn’t Know’ for $300, Alex.”

The last year in which Easter shared the same day as April Fools’ Day.

“What is 1956?”

That’s right: It’s been 52 years since we’ve had Easter fall on April Fools’ Day. Luckily for all us pranksters in the world, that all changes in 2018 as Easter and April 1st merge together, opening so many opportunities to punish the people we cherish. It’s the can of worms we’ve been waiting for, and that wait is almost over. Here are five of our favorite new Easter April Fools’ pranks to try on your unsuspecting victims.

  1. Healthy Dose of Easter Egg Hunting

Your family’s traditional Easter egg hunt has gotten stale. Time to make a change this Easter morning. Rather than filling the plastic Easter eggs up with jelly beans and candies, pack them with healthy treats, like carrots, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes. Keep a basket of real goodies nearby because your kids’ tears will come out in full force once they open their first egg.


  1. The Easter Bunny’s Special Delivery

Want a simple Easter prank to play this April Fools’ Day? Buy a pack of chocolate malt balls—Whoppers are a standard go-to—and leave a trail of them into the bathroom. Toss a few in the toilet for good measure, then tell the kids that the Easter Bunny must have eaten some bad falafel before hiding the Easter eggs. See which one of your children takes the “that’s chocolate” hypothesis to the experimental testing phase.

Jell-O Eggs


  1. Jell-O Eggs

This “Easter Fools’” prank takes a bit of planning, but if done correctly, laughs will ensue.

First, crack the bottom of the eggs, opening it enough to dump the yolk and white out. (Hungry for an omelet?) Rinse the shells carefully with water and place them back in the egg crate, opening facing up.

Next, create the gelatin per the boxed directions. Pour the mix into each egg, and refrigerate.

Before anyone sees, flip the eggs over so the non-cracked portion is displayed. Enjoy the faces you’ll see.


Chocolate Mustard Bunny

  1. Chocolate Mustard Bunny

Ruthless: That’s the only word to describe the type of prankster who’d dole out an assault to the taste buds with this April Fools’ joke. And that’s why you must try it!

Carefully drill or cut into the base of a solid chocolate bunny. You’ll want to get deep, all the way to the rabbit’s little cheeks. Then fill the open cavity with mustard or something else equally disgusting. (Hot peppers? Sauerkraut? Elmer’s Glue?) Wrap them up and hand them out to your victims. Watch as their distrust for you grows with every agonizing bite.


Real Chocolate Egg

  1. Real Chocolate Egg

Chocolate covered marshmallow eggs are a staple in any Easter basket. Why not stretch out your arts-and-crafts muscles and make them yourself?

Empty a few chocolate eggs from their Styrofoam crate, putting the real treats aside for later. Melt some melting chocolate, then dip hardboiled eggs (or raw eggs if you like taking risks) in the chocolate. Do a trial run to see what works best. This is the mother of all April Fools’ pranks for Easter, but not even your victim will blame you for pulling it off. Click here for instructions.



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