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It can be fun to stay on top of the latest trends, but sometimes you want to get ahead of the wave. If you’re looking for the next big thing to go with your favorite car, there are a couple big-hitters on Kickstarter that you might want to look out for. Here are five of our favorite car-related Kickstarter projects and the car tech they’re bringing to the table.

5) Keeping Things Cleaner with Saucemoto

We all love it when an age-old problem gets solved in a simple yet effective way. The Saucemoto is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” products.

Anyone who has struggled with trying to eat on-the-go has probably anguished over the question of where to put sauces without causing distractions. Saucemoto clips onto almost any car’s heater vent and is designed to hold sauces made by most major fast food chains. If you’re bringing a snack from home, the included ramekin can hold whatever sauce or dressing you like to munch on, like ranch for carrot sticks.

4) A Better Keyring

We found two great products that you just might want to back if you like improved versions of stale car accessories.

The first is from a group called Orbitkey. They have been changing the way you carry your keys since 2013, and the changes are definitely positive. When the typical split-ring keychain we use today was invented, having to carry your keys in a tight, already-full pants pocket wasn’t really a concern. Unfortunately, the keyring hasn’t had many successful redesigns since then.

Enter Orbitkey. Now, instead of having to struggle to pry apart a key ring, Orbitkey has introduced a keyring with a completely innovative sliding port design that locks securely and easily slides open to attach or detach keys.

3) Any-Fit Car Mat

The second product that got a fresh new redesign is right under your nose—or your feet!

Floormats can get dirty quick, and since most of them don’t completely cover your carpet, that dirt can easily transfer to the rest of your car, creating messes. All-weather mats can help, but the hard rubbers and plastics aren’t entirely comfortable for your feet. 

Matfits saw this problem and knew a solution was out there. By creating mats that can be cut to fit by the purchaser, Matfits hopes to provide full protection for your car’s interior, no matter the make or model. They also use an innovative blend of woven materials to keep mud and dirt in their place.  

These products are just two examples of an ongoing design trend that is picking up steam in every market, especially car accessories.

Any-Fit Car Mat
Photo: Kickstarter c/o Juan.Fran Jimenez

2) HOMIES Parking Helpers

Ever had that moment when you get out of the store or restaurant and can’t remember where you parked your car? The creators of HOMIES certainly did, and that’s why they thought it would be good to always have a HOMIE on their side to help them out.

These cute figurines each have a personality of their own. They sit on your dash and communicate with the HOMIE app via your cell phone to help you find your car, no matter how lost it may be! This product is satiating our ever-growing hunger for convenient smart devices and apps, but HOMIES takes a unique approach that is both humorous and refreshing.

1) Hands-Free Communication

If you’ve spent any time in the car, odds are you’ve caught yourself talking to other drivers on the road like they can hear you. Well, soon they might be able to. 

CarWink is an awesome innovation in hands-free communicating that allows you to speak with the drivers around you using a solar-powered LED display. CarWink responds to your voice and displays messages on the LED screen both in English and symbol form for other drivers to see. Warn someone of an accident ahead or thank someone for allowing you to merge simply by telling CarWink. Just remember to keep the language “PG,” guys.

We are constantly seeking better and safer ways to communicate in our cars, and while phone calls are now fairly easy to complete hands-free, the gestures we often use to communicate with the drivers around us are not. Devices focused on driver safety are always in style and getting in on the ground floor of this great communicator could be a win-win for everyone on the road.

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