5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Used Rental Car

Ask 100 passers-by in South Florida if they think you should buy a used rental car, and you’ll probably get one of two answers:

  1. Yes, they seem to be a good deal.
  2. No, they really aren’t reliable.

While it’s true that rental vehicles are priced to sell, that doesn’t necessarily mean that rental cars are good to buy. The couple hundred you’d save at a rent-a-car place can quickly amount to thousands in brake repairs and engine replacements.

Should you steer clear of rental car companies selling cars entirely? If you’re a gambler, sure, take a crack at spinning the roulette wheel — you might win big, or you might not. But if you’re cautious and really value your money, make a wise decision and look elsewhere for your used car. 

Bad Drivers

Not everyone behind the wheel of a rental car is a bad driver. Then again, it’s likely that every rental car has had its share of really, really bad drivers. Just think of all the people who need to rent cars because they’re constantly getting into accidents. And what about all the hit curbs and smacked potholes, all the slammed brakes, all the times that the car gets shifted into “D” while it’s still rolling in “R”? The list of neglect goes on. 

More Difficult to Sell

If you buy a rental car and then attempt to sell it at a later date, you’ll have to declare that it was a rental originally. You may have fewer potential buyers lining up for that vehicle due to its history. So, you shouldn’t necessarily be asking if rental cars are reliable; you should ask if they’re a good investment. Because when it comes time to sell it, you might have trouble finding a buyer.

Excessive Mileage

High-Mileage Cheap Used Cars

Most rental cars for sale are pretty young, usually 3 to 5 years of age. Great! Or is it? 

That 3-year-old rental car may have more than 60,000 miles on it, which is about double what a one-person vehicle would accumulate over that same period. This is because rental car companies put their vehicles out to pasture once new-vehicle warranties expire, usually after 3-5 years or 50-60,000 miles. 

Uncertain Maintenance History

Rental car companies state that they maintain their vehicles according to manufacturer guidelines. That means oil changes, tire rotations, and regular maintenance. However, there are numerous past employees who claim that they’ve fibbed when making records of maintenance tasks.

If you do choose to buy a used car for sale that was a rental in its previous life, do so from a legitimate used car dealership. Dealers utilize their own expertise, as well as the expertise of their own trusted mechanics’, to purchase only the best used rental vehicles. Then, they thoroughly recondition the vehicles before placing sticker prices on their windshields. 

Learn more about buying a car from a dealership online.

Not a Honda

The reason why rental car sales inventories don’t carry Honda is simple: Honda doesn’t sell fleets. If they did, we’d wager just about every rental car agency would buy them, as Hondas are some of the most reliable, trusted and affordable vehicles in the country. 

Want to know the really crazy part? In the grand scheme of things, fleet sales play a part in overall sales. So, a “best-selling” Toyota Camry might only own that distinction because of its sales to rental car companies. In most other aspects, the Honda Accord beats the Toyota Camry outright.

But we digress. If you really want to buy a good used vehicle, trust none other than a certified pre-owned Honda. A CPO Honda comes standard with Honda’s ironclad reputation, as well as a fully guaranteed 7-year/100,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty* and a free three-month trial of SiriusXM Radio (if applicable). Additionally, you can further protect your certified pre-owned investment by signing up for Honda Care, which includes concierge emergency service, roadside assistance, comprehensive component (parts) coverage, and more. Contact a used Honda dealership near you to learn more about the many benefits of buying CPO.

Certified Pre-Owned Hondas near Miami

Shop Used Cars for Sale in South Florida

Buying a rental vehicle in South Florida may be an intriguing option, but the risks could very well outweigh the rewards. Instead of taking that chance and bringing home a dud, visit any of our used car lots in South Florida. We’ll help you locate a quality pre-owned Honda or any other type of vehicle, while also ensuring you don’t burn through your budget. Request your quote today!

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This is intended to provide an overview of coverage and benefits. Actual coverages, limitations, and exclusions may vary. See your Service Contract and CCMC Membership Guidelines and/or Emergency Roadside Assistance Guidelines for complete details.