Whether you’ve just earned your degree from the University of Miami or Miami Dade College, you’re about to enter a dog-eat-dog arena in which everyone is on an equal playing field (more or less). However, getting your foot in the door at a reputable agency or company is no easy task, and landing a great entry-level job that pays above average is even more difficult.

To increase your chances of making some dough to pay off those undoubtedly hefty student loans, consider taking the road less traveled. Here are five alternative routes to take as you begin your high-paying career fresh out of college. 

  1. Auto Insurance Appraisers

All of our Miami Honda body shops have worked with insurance appraisers over the years, so we understand the basic premise of what it takes to become one. Making a median annual salary north of $60,000, insurance appraisers are usually trained on the job, over many months, to assess auto damage and determine repair costs before claims can be paid out. To become an appraisal artiste, you don’t even need a specialized degree—just work ethic, street smarts, and good judgment.

To find a job as an auto damage appraiser or adjuster, browse open positions at an insurance agency or call your agent for advice.

  1. High-End Repossessions

The very idea of repo men may raise your blood pressure, but there’s something artful in the world of high-end repossession. These men and women are the bounty hunters we all wish had their own TV series, as their typical day revolves around repossessing the big-ticket items most of us drool over, such as private jets, choppers, semis, boats, and RVs. Sounds like a great reality show, doesn’t it?

But it’s not like these repo men and women need the extra money; on average, employees at high-end recovery firms make a lucrative commission on the luxury items they repossess. Ken Cage, owner of Florida’s Recovery and Remarketing Group, says he gives about 10% commission of each resale to the agent who recovered the item. Just one repossessed private jet could bring in $5 million on the resale market, and you can do the math from there to see how much money luxury repo agents potentially make (hint: lots).  

To become a repo man or woman in Florida, you must become licensed through the state’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Recovery licensure for individuals are classified as such:

  • Class E – Recovery Agent
  • Class EE – Intern
  • Class MR – Manager
  • Class RI – Instructor

Requirements to gain a license include being a legal resident over the age of 18 and having one year of training within the industry. There are numerous high-end assets in Miami to repossess, as you can imagine, so get a move on!

  1. Air Traffic Controllers

Although it’s one of the most stressful jobs to hold, air traffic controllers are paid very well for their multi-tasking skills. The median annual wage is well over $100,000, which makes it one of the highest-paid occupations within the nonskilled labor force. Most air traffic controllers have bachelor’s degrees, though a majority of airports and government facilities don’t require postsecondary education at all.

In lieu of a pilot’s license, this is the next best thing. Check for any open traffic control positions at Miami International Airport, and don’t forget to contact other independent or small airports for other career opportunities.

  1. Cruise Ship Entertainer

If you’ve got a streak of creativity or like to perform, Miami and Fort Lauderdale have tons of opportunities available for you to showcase your talent. As an entertainer on a cruise ship, you’ll be taking to the stage every night, keeping the crowd smiling. The most talented performers can earn over $4k per month, which is a significant amount compared to what most street musicians make.

Even if you aren’t a performing artist, you can join the crew on a cruise ship and tour the world! What stories you’ll have upon returning to shore. Search for popular cruise lines—Carnival and Royal Caribbean are good places to start—to see if there are any open auditions or jobs. With summer almost here, now’s the perfect time to venture seaward.

Get into the Auto Industry

  1. Get into the Auto Industry

After 4 years of college, you’ve found your calling. Now, if you could only find a job involving cars that pays well! Being a driver for ride-hailing companies won’t net you much, but there are certainly professions within the automotive industry that will.

For the people who thrive on negotiating and making sales, the obvious career path goes down Car Salesperson Road. You’ll have a new experience every day, get to see every fresh model that arrives, and gain knowledge of the ins and outs at a blistering pace. If you have a business degree, you may even be on the fast track to managing a dealership—someday.

Honest and reliable auto mechanics are always in need. Even without a vocational certificate or degree, you can work to become a service technician at most any dealership, including our Honda service centers near Miami. As a service tech, you’ll closely work with all types of vehicles and auto parts, getting your hands dirty each step of the way. If you find yourself in a wheelhouse as a mechanic, you can then earn an associate’s degree or gain certification, which may even be paid for or reimbursed at your place of employment.

Good with numbers? Consider specializing in car loans. The best auto finance specialists must work with both customers and lenders to ensure everyone walks away with what they need. It’s a tightrope act, sure, but at the end of the day, nothing feels better than helping someone find their new car.

To see where you fit in at South Florida Honda, browse any unfilled positions. We are always looking for bright, talented, and hard-working people to join us! And if you need a dependable vehicle to kickstart your career as a college grad, we’ve got you covered, too. Just search through our Honda offers for discounts on affordable new models like the Accord or Civic. Our Honda offers are available at all of our Sout Florida dealer locations. Whether you are looking for a dealership in Greenacres FL, Delray Beach FL, or Pompano Beach FL, we’ve got you covered. Find your preferred dealership location.