“Shop around.” -Everybody.

While that two-word suggestion is certainly a great start, getting the best car insurance in Florida takes more than becoming your own P.I., sleuthing around to save a few bucks each month. To ensure you insure your vehicle with adequate coverage while also adhering to your own rules of frugality, you’ll want to consider some alternatives. Here are 5 tips to get good auto insurance prices in the Sunshine State.

  1. Pick Up the Phone

First and foremost, don’t rely on those “auto insurance comparison” sites! Oftentimes, they’re aggregating quotes that are inaccurate. To top it off, you’ll mostly receive spam calls and emails for products and services you have no interest in purchasing.

Rather than putting in all your info for a bit of extra convenience, find your local auto insurance agencies and call them up for a quote. Be truthful during the assessment to get an accurate rate, and be sure to mention lower quotes from other reputable providers.

  1. Research Telematics

Many insurance companies these days are offering a new form of auto insurance: Telematics-determined coverage. Mainstream carriers like Allstate (Drivewise) and Progressive (Snapshot) utilize GPS telematic devices to monitor driver data, then issue discounts—bad drivers may have their rates increased, too—if drivers are deemed to be safe. These devices track your mileage, the time of day, where you commonly travel, speed, braking, and a general idea of how well the vehicle is driven.

If you are known as the good driver in your family, consider telematics to lower your monthly insurance rates.

  1. Look into Alternative Insurance Providers

Independent insurance agencies aren’t heavily advertised like the Geicos of the world, but they have a knack for offering competitive if not cheaper insurance policies. Most of these alternative car insurance agencies are managed by small groups, so customer service is normally quite exceptional. Consider researching local Miami insurance providers that aren’t one of the big-name players. You may very well find a great car insurance policy for less than expected!

The USAA, or United States Automobile Association, offers car insurance to personnel within the U.S. military, including current and retired individuals and their close family members (spouses, siblings, and children). If you qualify, you can opt for a robust yet affordable auto insurance policy that includes rewards such as accident forgiveness, student discounts, multi-vehicle bundles, and more. Plus, many USAA customers have found that it’s convenient to file claims, and payout for bodywork is quick. (Many of our Miami Honda body shops can attest to this.)

Should traditional auto insurance carriers fall flat, don’t hesitate to check out USAA.

  1. Don’t Skimp

So, Florida’s law states that you must have the following minimum coverage on your car insurance policy:

  • Personal Injury Protection ($10,000) – Covers costs of injuries sustained in an accident, regardless of whose fault the collision was. Coverage includes payment for medical bills, lost employment or wages, and funeral expenses.
  • Property Damage Liability ($10,000) – Covers costs for damages to property in the event of an accident. Property includes landscaping, homes, buildings, and any residential or commercial structure.
  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage ($varies) – Certain drivers—those with poor driving records or past convictions—may be required to obtain this coverage, which helps pay for permanent injuries or death as a result of an accident caused by that driver. Premiums and costs vary by insurance carrier.

However, if you look at the actual coverage amount, especially when considering rising medical costs in America, the minimum insurance barely scratches the surface of what’s needed to protect your assets. For example, with those minimums, a collision with a new Honda Pilot, even without injured parties, could mean you’re in debt a few thousand dollars. Should adjusters assess the damage as half of the Pilot’s MSRP, which typically hovers somewhere below $30,000, you’ll be on the hook for that extra 5 grand—and probably more.

Instead of taking the risk, pay the extra few bucks each month for a comprehensive auto insurance policy (250/500/250) with uninsured motorist coverage—over 13% of motorists are uninsured, which should frighten any policyholder. 

  1. Head to a Used Car Dealer in Miami

The best preventative measure to get a cheap car insurance policy is your choice in vehicle. As you may know, buying a new car can be pricey, and the costs include more than just the purchase price, down payment, and monthly financing fees. Most new cars are also going to cost more to insure, no matter your carrier.

That’s what makes pre-owned vehicles so alluring. Not only are they cheaper to purchase outright, they’re also cheaper to insure, let alone register and repair. Best yet, you can purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle in Miami, such as a CPO Honda, and pay less for your car insurance without sacrificing on quality. Certified used Hondas are late-model vehicles that oftentimes still have warranties or extended warranties, adding to that allure. (You get lower insurance premiums and newer features! How can you go wrong with that?)

As you delve deeper down the rabbit hole that is “auto insurance,” consider making a trip to one of our Honda dealers in South Florida. We can help you find the best financing rate on a used car or certified Honda, so you won’t have to overspend on your auto insurance. Find your nearest Honda Dealers in the tri-county areas including Fort Lauderdale FL, Hollywood FL, all the way up to Greenacres FL. Give us a call to get a quote or to schedule a test drive today!