6 Sensational July 4th BBQ Party Tips

This year’s Fourth of July gives a whole new meaning to “Independence Day,” doesn’t it? If you’re planning to celebrate America’s 245th birthday with a delicious barbecue for family and friends, we’ve put together a list of expert tips and tricks that will help you throw the ultimate July 4th backyard barbecue bash in South Florida.

1. Pick a Patriotic Color Scheme

Independence Day Celebration in Miami

Hip, hip, hooray for the U.S.A! There’s no better time to proudly display the American flag and show your red, white, and blue colors than on July 4th.  Give your July 4th barbecue a festive, all-American flair with red, white, and blue paper plates, cups, balloons, flags, and more. Encourage guests to dress in their favorite patriotic attire and consider playing some patriotic music in the background. 

2. Prep Food Ahead of Time

Avoid last-minute hassles and frazzled nerves by prepping your July 4th barbecue menu well ahead of time. Consider using a slow cooker to have certain dishes ready to go. Ask your guests if they have any dietary restrictions beforehand and plan accordingly. Encourage guests who are bringing a dish to share to arrive a bit early, so you have more time to incorporate their tasty contributions into your preparations. 

Prepare burgers, vegetables, and chicken inside, and then bring them outside when you’re ready to cook them. Avoid cross-contamination by using clean plates and utensils.

3. Take Safety Precautions and Prepare Your Grill

Whether you’re cooking on a gas grill or one that uses charcoal, keep a fire extinguisher handy along with first aid materials for bug bites, burns, and scrapes. 

If you haven’t used your outdoor grill in a while, take stock of what you need. Make sure that you have an ample supply of propane gas or charcoal on hand. You may also want to consider getting a charcoal chimney starter that will help heat up coals quickly. 

You should also thoroughly clean your grill, including grates and vents, before using it.

And if you need to buy a new one, you’d better hop to it. Demand for grills are at an all-time high, while supply is unable to match pace. 

4. Grill Like a Pro 

Independence Day Grilling Tips

First, be sure to have the right tools on hand, like spatulas, tongs, a meat thermometer, food timer, grill brush, cooking spray, and plenty of aluminum foil. 

You can then season your grill by thoroughly cleaning the grates, spraying them with a high-heat cooking spray like canola oil, and firing up the grill for about 15 minutes to burn off the oil. Tell if your grill is hot enough by carefully holding your hand over it. If you can hold it for five seconds, the grill is at low heat. If you can only hold it for three seconds, the grill is around medium heat. If (ouch!) you can only hold your hand over the grill for one second, then it’s hot enough to begin cooking.  

Make classic “crosshatch” grill marks by starting at the “10 o’clock” position and rotating the meat to the “2 o’clock” position. Avoid moving the meat around until you’re ready to flip it over, repeating the process on the other side. 

A clever way to keep burgers moist and juicy is to insert a small ice cube or pat of butter into the center of the patty before grilling, releasing moisture from the inside of the burger. Be sure to indent the center of the patty with your thumb to help it keep its shape while cooking. 

“Two-zone” cooking gives you both hotter and cooler areas on the grill so you can keep cooked food warm without overcooking. On a charcoal grill, just move the hot coals to one side. On a gas grill, turn off one or more of the burners.  

A quick way to make your grill a nonstick surface is to heat your grill, cut an uncooked potato in half, skewer it, and run it across the grates. This releases the potato’s starch which sticks to the grates, creating a barrier to help keep food from sticking. This also works with either half an onion or a lemon, although these may result in altering the taste of the food.

5. Create a Hydration Station That’s Made in the Shade 

The hot, humid South Florida summer can quickly lead to dehydration for your July 4th guests. Be sure to have plenty of shade available, using outdoor umbrellas and canopies. Create a hydration station by filling a tub with ice and loading it up with lots of bottled water, soft drinks, and your favorite beverages. You can also set up large, clear plastic containers filled with infused waters like lemonade or tea. 

6. Go Out with a Bang 

Where to See July 4th Fireworks Shows South Florida

Conclude your sensational South Florida July 4th celebration with some sparkling fireworks in your neighborhood. (Be sure to check the rules and regulations for the use of “safe and sane” fireworks in your community.)

Rather go out, but have no idea where to see fireworks near Miami this year? Check out any of these local July 4th events in South Florida:

If you know of any other 2021 July 4th fireworks shows in Miami, let us know, and we’ll add it to this list. 

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