Need a gift idea for your surfing dad, beau, or buddy? Nothing says “surf’s up” more than an EPS Bio-Epoxy board with a subtle Belly V and quad fins. What’s that? You don’t have $500 to toss into the ocean? You can still buy a grand surfer-inspired gift without spending half a grand. Here are 7 of the most affordable, unique presents for South Florida surfers with XY chromosomes. 

Honda CRV Surfboard Rack

SUV Surfboard Rack 

If your husband is using bungee cords to fasten his board to the roof, you know what to do: buy him an SUV roof rack with a surfboard attachment. Stop by any of our South Florida Honda Dealers locations to inquire about or purchase an authentic crossover surfboard rack. We’ll order it and even install it on your surfer dude’s CR-V or Honda Passport

Nightstand Valet 

Ladies, a nightstand valet or docking station is an exquisite summer gift for guy-friends who like everything neat. Many versions exist, and you can buy handcrafted nightstand organizer shelves on Etsy that will store smartphones, watches, keys, Fitbits, and more. Can he shred waves on it? Not likely, but some products are crafted out of driftwood, which we’re certain any Florida surfing guy will admire. 

Water-Resistant Watch 

Surfing watches and trackers are far more important than your standard wristwatch. Surfers utilize them in the water to assess everything from tide and surf swell to barometric pressure and wave count. The best surf watches are expensive—typically $300 and up—but there are several affordable alternatives that can be had for one crisp Benjamin Franklin. Check out these reviews of surfer watches to choose the best of the litter. 


Any Honda Ridgeline owner, regardless of gender or surfing aptitude, should invest in a lockable hitch safe. It’s securely fastened onto the truck’s hitch with 2 steel retaining bars and is a convenient place to store keys, licenses, credit cards, or any other small item. Waves can be shredded without worry—just as life should be. When your dude’s ready to call it a day, he can enter the safe’s combination code to retrieve everything. It’s the perfect partner to Ridgeline’s lockable in-bed trunk, if we do say so ourselves. 

Surfing Dry Bag 

With a special surf bag, your man can keep personal items from getting wet and keep his damp wetsuit from dripping seawater all over the back of his car. Wet stays with wet, dry stays with dry—it’s science anyone can back. Dry bags can be purchased at most online retailers and surf shops along South Beach, and they’re usually under $50. This piece of surf gear sounds like a good gift to us. 

Surfing Earplugs 

Surfer’s ear is real; any surfer who’s surfed his weight in seaweed knows this. Among the numerous symptoms, the most notorious is a feeling of water being stuck in the ear. This often causes chronic ear infections that worsen over time, especially when swimming in cold waters.  

Protect your guy’s ear canals by gifting him a pair of special surfing earplugs that keep water out and let sound in. A good pair will set you back about $50, but that’s a small price to pay for a surfing accessory that safeguards one of those five senses. 

Buy Honda Floormats Florida

Waterproof Floor & Cargo Mats 

Sand, salt water, and algae belong in one place, and that’s the ocean, not on the floor of your husband’s car. Still, he can’t get every speck of Miami Beach off before taking his evening drive home. All-season floor mats and cargo liners or trays can help combat some of those stragglers. They’re affordable and can be easily removed, cleaned and installed–the perfect gift for surfers. 

Order your Honda CR-V floormats at any of our South Florida Honda dealerships, and we’ll have them ready for pick-up. Contact your nearest dealer for a price quote or to ask about any available coupons on OEM Honda accessories.