7 Instagram-Worthy Sightseeing Spots in South Florida

Best Places in Miami for Photos

Gorgeous sunset views on Key Biscayne Beach. Little Havana’s chalk-marked sidewalks outlined by Cuban cafes. South Florida’s swampy yet magnificent nature preserves. If you’re looking for a magical place to snap a photo near Miami, just point your phone in a direction and let the lens do all the work.

In celebration of World Tourism Day, venture out and explore these 7 selfie-friendly sightseeing destinations in South Florida. (Got a cool/stunning/unique photo to share? Post it and tag us on Instagram!) 

7. Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive Miami Beach
Photo: insidemiamibeach.com

Hop in your Accord, with its high-quality, soft-touch door handles and 12-way power-adjustable driver’s seat. Head to the southernmost part of Miami Beach. Park your Accord and power off its 450W 10-speaker sound system and Wi-Fi hotspot. Hop out and start your 1-mile hike up South Pointe – this is Ocean Drive, one of South Beach’s most famous locales.

You first notice the buildings’ amazing Art Deco architecture, which spans from 1st Street all the way up to 15th Street. *snap* Oh, didn’t Tony Montana tear up that seedy apartment complex that’s now a CVS? *snap* Better take a picture of Versace’s old mansion, too. *snap*

Lots of action goes down on Ocean Drive. If you’re patient enough and have your “people watching” skills down pat, you’ll certainly get a few amazing pictures here, right along Miami Beach.

To get the best pic: It may be tempting to drive your Accord up the short strip of Ocean Drive, but don’t. Charge your phone and burn some calories by walking. That way you can take your time and snag the right selfie angle with that building from Scarface.

6. FATVillage

Photo: fat-village.squarespace.com

The eclectic FATVillage (Flagler Arts Technology Village) in downtown Ft. Lauderdale offers an intimate setting that’s highlighted by bursts of color – the perfect canvas for any photographer. The four-block district is, itself, a canvas, with its buildings’ stucco and brick walls covered in larger-than-life artwork.

To get the best pic: Head to FATVillage when they host their ArtWalk event (on the last Saturday of every month). Otherwise, drive by NW 1st Avenue in Fort Lauderdale and get ready to load your Insta with photos.

5. Wynwood

Photo: wynwoodmiami.com

Rather get your share of art without leaving the streets of Miami? Visit the Wynwood Art District, which has the highest concentration of street art in the entire country. Our favorite? Wynwood Walls. It’s a great spot for families to explore after driving through the rest of the district.

To get the best pic: The Wynwood street art changes frequently, as new muralists and painters are commissioned to beautify the shops and buildings. So, check-in seasonally.

4. Tree Tops Park

Photo: broward.org

Only wedding photographers and decades-long Davie residents know about this hidden photographic gem. Tree Tops Park features 23 acres of marshland, lakes and nature trails, alongside picnic areas and playgrounds, making it the perfect spot to take family Christmas photos or fill up your portfolio.

To get the best pic: Plant yourself at the end of the boardwalk around sunset – in the autumn, right before the park is set to close – and snap away.

3. Ancient Spanish Monastery

Photo: spanishmonastery.com

Taking casual photos is free to guests, but the Monastery is a very popular location for wedding photoshoots and can sometimes close early for these events. However, even while closed, the Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach is a sight worth seeing. So, treat your followers with a slew of new photos from the front gate of this ancient church.

To get the best pic: It’s best to call ahead, as closures are common.

2. Secret Woods Nature Center

Photo: broward.org

Yet another hidden gem for photographers? Indeed. Tucked away in northern Dania Beach, Secret Woods lives up to its name, as few tourists see its natural beauty. But their obliviousness is your reward. Lace up your boots and hike the 57-acre park’s nature trails. Or stay close to the parking lot and snap some photos in the butterfly garden.

To get the best pic: In late summer, between July and September, colorful monarch butterflies typically hatch. Sounds like the perfect time to grab your camera.

1. Old Cutler Road

Photo: Old Cutler Rd

Many people visit Matheson Hammock Park, but the real excitement is found on the asphalt of Old Cutler Road. This 15-mile stretch of roadway is constructed underneath a spooky yet mesmerizing canopy of ficus trees and banyans, which makes for an extraordinary photo sesh – possibly from the back row of your Honda Passport.

To get the best pic: For a creepy, Halloween-like photos, take photos at dusk. But take care, as old Cutler is a popular spot for everyone – drivers, cyclists, walkers, joggers, skippers, moonwalkers, you name it. You can park your Passport at Matheson and walk along Old Cutler Trail, as well. If you choose to go this route, bring along the Schwinns, which can be secured using a Honda Passport roof rack or two Honda bike attachment on the crossbars.

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