It’s no secret that as we age our reflexes, vision and hearing aren’t what they were like when we were in our 20s. While older adults may find it a bit harder to get up off the couch or remember where they placed their keys, the effects of aging go beyond these minor inconveniences when it comes to driving. If you have someone in your household who is in their “Golden Years,” it’s important to make them aware of how their age may affect their driving. In some cases, a senior driver may have to limit their driving, such as not driving at night, not driving on the freeway, or making shorter trips. These can often be difficult discussions, but will ultimately result in reducing the potential for an accident when a senior driver gets behind the wheel. Your South Florida Honda Dealers want to help make our roadways safer in 2016. So we’ve gathered information about safe driving for seniors that we hope will help make a difference. The prestigious Mayo Clinic offers the following 7 tips for senior driving safety:
  1. Exercise & Stay Physically Active

Proper exercise helps to improve strength and flexibility. Stretching and walking are some of the many ways seniors can stay fit and active. Consult your physician before starting any exercise plan.
  1. Get Regular Hearing & Vision Checkups

The Mayo Clinic recommends that seniors see their eye and hearing specialists on a regular basis to diagnose and correct any potential problems. Cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration are just some of the eye problems that can significantly impair one’s driving abilities. The same goes for hearing loss, which may impact the ability to hear emergency vehicles.
  1. Stay On Top Of Health Issues

Work closely with your doctor if you have any chronic health problems that may directly impact your ability to drive. Know the side effects of any prescription medicines, taking note of those prescriptions that may cause drowsiness or dizziness.
  1. Know Your Limits

Let’s face it, sometimes we have to look ourselves in the mirror and be totally honest about what we can and cannot do. There are several ways you can compensate, including occupational therapy and exercises. Another thing to consider is the car that you drive. Today’s new 2016 Hondas for sale in South Florida offer an array of helpful driver-assist technologies, such as blind-spot monitoring, lane change alert, collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control, and a standard rear backup camera that can help make your driving a lot safer.
  1. Choose To Drive During The Best Times Of Day

If you are finding that driving at night is becoming a problem, then consider driving only in the daytime or on familiar roads. You may want to avoid driving during bad weather. You should not drive if you are fatigued or have consumed any alcohol.
  1. Plan Ahead & Avoid Distracted Driving

Before you get behind the wheel, take the time to plan your route. If your car features a navigation system, such as ones found in our new 2016 Honda vehicles, set your destination ahead of time and make sure you can adequately hear turn-by-turn directions. Avoid driving distractions such as checking your cellphone for directions, adjusting the radio, or turning your head to talk to someone in the passenger or rear seat.
  1. Take A Senior Driving Refresher Course

The Mayo Clinic also suggests that you can be proactive about improving your driving skills by taking courses that are specifically geared toward senior drivers. Many of these courses can be found online or from a variety of nonprofit or community education organizations. You may even want to invest in a driver training course that lets you get behind the wheel, allowing a trained professional to evaluate your driving skills and help you improve them. You may even be able to lower your auto insurance costs, depending on your policy. The bottom line is that senior drivers need to be aware that getting older does have an impact on driving safely. Adjusting your driving habits doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be losing your independence. However, there may come a time when you realize that you can no longer drive safely under any circumstance. When this time comes, there are still many transportation options that will help you to achieve an active, mobile, and safer lifestyle.

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