June: The month necktie sales go through the roof. Yes, Father’s Day is on the horizon (June 19), and if you’re like most other Americans, shopping for Dad may be as difficult as passing the Bar Exam. But this challenge can be conquered! Don’t buy him that plaid tie you saw on sale. Instead, check out this list of auto-themed gifts, courtesy of your South Florida Honda Dealers, and feel free to get creative with the wrapping. Dads love that, right?

  1. A Dash Cam

From The Beatles to Ikea, Europe has folded into American society relatively seamlessly. But arguably no other European flair or device has served a better purpose in America than dash cams, as they act as unbiased witnesses to car crashes.

Dash cams are still rising in popularity in the U.S. as more affordable options come out each year. Most cameras will record video and audio in HD, and store hours of footage on a microSD card. Check them out if your father is the type to worry about crazy South Florida drivers.

Price: $50 to $200

  1. Car Cleaning Kit


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While not altogether creative, this gift is a thoughtful way to remind Dad that cars need care and attention on Father’s Day, too. Although not all cleaning kits are created equal, the most popular car cleaning kits will come with microfiber cloths or mitts, quality car soaps, wax, gloss, tire shine, and more. For dads who like the inside-out shine of a new car, invest in a kit that offers several options of polish, such as Meguiar’s Car Care Kit.

Price: Under $50.

  1. Tire Inflator (Portable Air Compressor)

Even though most of our Honda models come with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), they don’t self-inflate their tires. Someone should really look into making that a standard feature.

In the meantime, a portable air compressor or tire inflator stored in the trunk can do the job without the need to search the car for quarters as if it were an old couch cushion. With something like the Vlair 88P, your dad should be able to fill tires up to 33” with air in no time at all.

Price: Under $100

  1. Cooling Car Seat Cushions


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Miami and Fort Lauderdale humidity can get to anyone. If your dad is the type to sweat through his shirt before even getting outside, buying him a cooling car seat cushion could be the gift that keeps giving.

Inside the Viotek car cushion is a micro dehumidifying and cooling system that identifies temperature increases and adjusts fans and ventilation to soothe even the sweatiest of…backsides. Each cushion is also made of premium fabric to offer complete comfort to its users. Viotek also designs a heated cushion—but that’s probably not something we Floridians would often need.

Price: $150 to $200

  1. Tailgating Gear

No gift says “thanks for being my dad” more than premier tailgating equipment. Dads are notorious gadgeteers, so make sure to get him something that other tailgaters will envy.

If your dad is a die-hard Dolphins fan – the type of fan that goes to every home game – he probably has enough tailgating equipment to fill his garage and the neighbor’s. We’d guess what he doesn’t have is a stylish, retro trailer. High Camp Trailers fashions what can only be described as minimalist decadence in the form of a tow-away trailer. With optional add-ons, these trailers are perfect for tailgaters and camping enthusiasts, as they provides everything but the bathroom. A bit pricey, but think of all Dad’s done for you.

For those who are more budget-conscious, a new tailgater’s set of grilling utensils, a grill, and a cooler could make any dad feel special. Picnic Time manufactures a steel grill and set that can be stored inside its handy carrying tote, allowing a BBQ to happen anywhere, anytime.

Price: (High Camp Trailer) $15,000
Price: (Picnic Time Set) $100 to $150

  1. Official Honda Merchandise

Gifting your Honda-loving dad official merch will score some big points in his book. From clothes to backpacks and mugs to coasters, the merchandise inside the official Honda store is made from quality materials, and the brand logo will tell everyone that your dad lives and breathes Honda. Browse the shop for some ideas!

Price: Varies

  1. An Exotic Driving Experience


Sometimes material possessions aren’t necessarily what fathers want. If your Pops is more apt to ride a roller coaster than buy a new smartphone, signing him up for a memorable experience at one of South Florida’s unique driving schools and courses might be right up his alley.

Surprise him with a trip to Miami’s Exotic Auto Racing! There he’ll take the wheel of an exotic race car and feel the turns of a real race track at over 100 MPH. With a passenger-side coach always on hand, your father can feel the exhilaration of pushing a car to its limits at Autobahn-like speeds.

Price: $250 and up

  1. Buy Him a New Car!

I remember my first car: a beat-up number that ran itself into the ground right as I graduated from college. My dad bought it for me as a birthday present, and over the years it taught me that ownership means having responsibility—not just for the car, but for how life should be led.

Now it’s your turn to return the favor; show your dad that he means something special to you by surprising him with a new Honda in the driveway on Sunday morning.


At South Florida Honda dealerships, we have every model and body style you could ask for. From the modern CR-Z hybrid to the popular CR-V, our selection of vehicles is unmatched by other Honda dealers in South Florida. Click here to locate your closest South Florida Honda dealership, and start your Father’s Day search on the right path. Our sales team will be more than happy to help you with all the details, giant bow included.