Even after those embarrassing Dad Jokes left you red-faced in front of your prom date, you can’t help but love your dad. He may not be the coolest cat in Florida, but he’s trying his best. Try as he may, he could also use a hand from someone who knows “cool” from “uncool.” Send him down the right path this year by giving him one of these eight beach-tastic Father’s Day gifts you can find near our Miami Honda dealerships.

  1. Honda Surfboard Rack

This Father’s Day, let your dad imitate Keanu Reeves in his own version of Point Break. Pair his Honda SUV up with an authentic surfboard attachment, and he’ll be stoked to hit the white caps. The Honda surfboard rack is lined with soft thermoplastic, includes adjustable straps, and can carry two surfboards—one for him and one for you (ugh).

Dad should be restricted to a Boogie Board, but try stopping him from “hanging ten” on a wicked A-frame wave. Order a surfboard attachment for his Honda SUV, and one of our Miami Beach Honda Dealers will gladly install it.

  1. Personalized Surfboard

Better yet, get Dad into the surfing scene with a personalized surfboard. Nothing says “World’s Hippest Dad” like a customized, elongated piece of buoyant polyurethane foam! He can clumsily crash and burn in his own unique way. (Do kids say “hip” anymore?)

If you need beginner surfboard ideas for Father’s Day, check out this list of the best products available. To get your dad’s board personalized, visit one of the many Miami surf shops. Buy local!

  1. Off-Grid Cell Network Antennas

Portable “off-grid” antennas may be the wave of the future—and an essential device to bring to a crowded Delray Beach. Powered by peers via a Mesh Network, the goTenna Mesh allows users to text and receive GPS directions even when their cell’s 4G/5G coverage isn’t available. (Think: Walkie-Talkies, but cooler.)

Need a cool Father’s Day gift this year? You can’t do much better than a goTenna, which can be ordered in packs of two, four, or eight at

  1. Insulated Beer Growler

With an insulated growler from MiiR, Dad can sip his favorite craft ales and homebrews—all chilled with love. The beauty of the MiiR growler is that it’s perfectly suited for the beach. It keeps beer cold all day long, seals in carbonation, leaves no metallic aftertaste, and never sweats. Just unbuckle the lid and glug-glug-glug. (Responsibly, of course.)

Tell your dad to ditch the cooler on his next trip to Miami Beach. Grab a 64oz beach growler at for about $60.

  1. Mobile Solar Panel

Allow Dad to stay powered up from morning to night with a portable solar panel and charging station. Numerous options exist, but a favorite amongst Miami beach-goers is the BioLite SolarPanel 5+, which features a 360-degree kickstand, sundial, and a 2200mAh battery that stores energy for later use. Dad can plop this solar panel on a blanket, plug in his tablet or smartphone, and Instagram the day away.

The SolarPanel 5+ can be purchased at for under $80, making it the perfect little Father’s Day gift.

  1. Full Snorkel Mask

Plan a summer trip to a less-visited Florida beach—try Riviera Beach, for instance—this year, and be sure to bring along a couple H2O Ninja snorkel masks. These innovative masks grant 180-degree views and are resistant to leaks, but what makes them a great Father’s Day gift is their anti-snorkeling design. Users can breathe through either the nose or mouth thanks to Dry Top snorkeling technology, which ultimately increases time spent underwater by up to 50%.

Give Dad something to see with the H2O Ninja Mask. Grab one (or a few for the family) at

  1. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If Dad was the type of guy to prop a boombox on his shoulder in the Eighties, he’ll love a modern Bluetooth speaker for Father’s Day. Unlike those enormous stereos, portable wireless speakers are incredibly convenient to have at the beach. Take the Ultimate Ears ROLL 2, for instance: it’s entirely waterproof, can play music for up to 9 hours and from 100 feet away, and even has a bungee that can be strapped to Dad’s floaties.

Let Pop blast through his Boston playlist the next time you all head to the beach. The ROLL 2 speaker can be purchased at for about $100.

New Honda CR-V

  1. A New Honda CR-V

Now that you’re an adult with an adult job, it’s time to show Dad how much you appreciate the last few decades. Tighten up your bond by getting him the ultimate Father’s Day gift: a new SUV. The 2018 CR-V is the ideal Miami vehicle for Dad; it comes with AWD, a hands-free tailgate, and over 50 pieces of technology to keep him connected. With space to accommodate all his toys, as well as the fuel efficiency to keep him away from the pump, the Honda CR-V makes for an excellent present.

Request a quote on the 2018 Honda CR-V or any other new model at one of our Honda Dealers near Fort Lauderdale and North Miami Beach. We also have multiple Honda dealerships scattered throughout the South Florida tri-county areas of Davie FL, Pompano Beach FL, Coral Springs FL and more. To help you save while celebrating Dad, be sure to also browse our current Honda offers for special Father’s Day pricing. Simply find a Honda dealership near you and drop by for a visit.



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