As a shopper, it’s always in your best interest to obtain a vehicle history report (VHR) before choosing your next ride. Who knows what that car’s been through? From airbag fraud to odometer rollbacks to salvage brandings, there are myriad issues that a VHR can uncover, which ultimately allow you to save money miles down the road. Although we stand by each and every used car sold through our South Florida Honda Dealers near Delray Beach, we still want to make you aware of how vital a VHR is in the car-buying process; it’s simply the only way to ensure your investment is warranted.

Essential Used Car Details

By acquiring a vehicle history report through a company like AutoCheck or CARFAX®, you’re provided with the following information about the car’s past:

Car Mileage

  • Mileage – A vehicle’s mileage doesn’t always tell the whole picture, but it can definitely alert you to potential problems. A late-model vehicle with loads of miles tracked on the odometer may indicate that it was a frequent highway traveler, which probably means it’s still a very good car that could have a long life expectancy.

    On the other hand, an older vehicle with too few miles may indicate an illegal odometer rollback. A scammer can reprogram even modern, digital odometers to display lower mileage than what the car has actually recorded. With a vehicle history report in hand, you should be able to see a gradual mileage increase with each previous inspection, title change, trade-in, sale, or even service. If the miles don’t add up, just say no.
  • Ownership – The fewer owners a car has had, the better. Typically, a one-owner vehicle is more likely to be maintained properly, meaning fewer hidden issues for you to discover.
  • Accidents – Fender-benders happen all the time, but multiple accidents listed on a vehicle history report should be cause for concern. A vehicle that’s constantly been in the body shop is a vehicle you should be weary of during your search.

A recorded accident typically details the damage sustained and if the airbags deployed. If the airbags were deployed, you should let a certified mechanic verify that new airbags were properly installed. Unfortunately, there have been cases where service shops take the insurance money without replacing the airbags, so beware of any recorded accident before choosing your next used car!


  • Title – Much like accident reports, a vehicle’s title can also indicate hidden problems. If a vehicle has been branded as “salvaged,” “rebuilt,” or “flooded,” it’s not likely to be covered by extended warranties or insurance companies, and you may also have difficulty getting it financed. Stay away from cars taken from salvage lots!
  • Liens – If the vehicle is currently in lien, it can be repossessed even if you’ve already purchased it from the seller. Since the vehicle was not legally theirs to sell, it’s not legally yours to own.

When you buy a new Honda in Florida, you’re covered under the state’s Lemon Law. Unfortunately, those laws don’t pass onto used cars, so understanding the history of a vehicle before paying for it is absolutely, positively, and undoubtedly your first priority. There are no substitutes for proper research.

When in Doubt, Shop at South Florida Honda Dealers

Without a vehicle history report, how can you be sure that the car you’re interested in is worth it? Be safe, get a car history report, and always shop at a respected auto dealer! At South Florida Honda Dealers, we never push out used cars that we wouldn’t want to call our own. Each of our used cars and certified pre-owned Hondas is thoroughly inspected and reconditioned before being put up on the trading block, so you won’t ever have to worry about its condition.

But don’t just take our word for it; come test drive any of our used cars for sale in Florida City, Stuart, and the Miami area. Find your nearest Coral Springs Honda dealers to start browsing our extensive selection of pre-owned vehicles, and enjoy a lemon-free experience.

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