Your South Florida Honda Dealers proudly sell some of the most technologically advanced cars on the road today. But these innovative vehicles had a beginning years ago when Honda founder, Soichiro Honda began envisioning a career in the automotive industry as far back as the late 1930s. Then, as now, he demanded the utmost attention to quality and forward-thinking engineering. The Dream Becomes Reality This dream became reality in the wake of war-ravaged Japan when Mr. Honda founded the Honda Technical Research Institute in October, 1946. Thereafter, he and his small team of engineers began assembling motorized bicycle engines. The Research Institute was liquidated in 1949, giving Mr. Honda the funds to incorporate the Honda Motor Company. The company’s first effort was the 1949 D-Type motorcycles. By 1964, Honda became the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturer. Honda’s first production automobile was the T360 mini pick-up truck. This was followed soon thereafter by the S500 Sports car in the early 1960s. Since then, decades of innovation and engineering excellence have continued to ignite Soichiro Honda’s dream of building a world-class automotive manufacturing company. Today, Honda proudly stands as one the world’s most respected, successful, and admired global manufacturing and technology companies. Technology That Works. For You. This legacy of creative achievement and cutting-edge advancement in technology can be seen in the new 2015 and 2016 Hondas that we sell at our South Florida Honda dealerships. From meticulously crafted engines and transmissions and state-of-the-art “infotainment” systems to the most advanced safety features, today’s Hondas exemplify where the high art of visionary design meets the high tech of superior invention.   honda-technology High-Tech Connectivity, Entertainment, and Communication Let’s take a look at just a few of the many innovations you’ll find in today’s modern Honda automobiles. First, we turn our attention to advancements in entertainment, communications, navigation, and wireless technology. It’s no secret that our modern world runs on technology. Constant access to the Internet, social media, and music playlists aren’t just expected, they are an essential component of daily life. In this respect, Honda delivers with an advanced suite of features that allow you to connect, communicate, navigate, and be entertained. The responsive, full-color Display Audio Touchscreen, for example, lets you control a host of functions. You can make hands-free calls via Bluetooth®, enjoy streaming audio services such as SiriusXM® Radio and Pandora®, and hook up your compatible smartphone via a USB audio interface and exclusive HondaLink® to manage your playlists. Additionally, Honda now lets you connect to Apple CarPlay® and AndroidAuto® for unsurpassed access to your music, and your smartphone’s extensive capabilities. The Next Generation of Safety Features Since its inception, Honda has always been at the forefront of the most revolutionary thinking regarding automotive safety. The result is Honda Sensing™, a powerful suite of advanced active safety and driver-assist features that help prevent accidents before they occur. The system consists of the following components: Lane Departure Warning (LDW) uses cameras and sensors that detect if your vehicle is drifting out of its lane and alerting you to this event. Lane Keeping Assist is a companion to the Lane Keeping system. Its job is to keep you in the middle of your lane. The system will even adjust your steering if it notices you changing lanes without signaling. Road Departure Mitigation tells you if you are drifting close to the side of a roadway with rapid steering wheel vibrations. It can even nudge you back into your lane via steering torque and braking. Adaptive Cruise Control lets you maintain a set distance between yourself and the car ahead of you, avoiding constant speed adjustments. Forward-Collision Warning and the Collision Mitigation Braking System work together using millimeter wave radar and front-facing cameras to sense an impending impact with a vehicle ahead of you. The system automatically applies braking if you take no action. honda-econ-button A New Dimension of Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Finally, Honda looks to the future with a lineup of highly fuel-efficient vehicles employing the latest in hybrid/electric technologies. The new 2016 Honda Civic, for example, features an Integrated Motor Assist that uses an electric motor mounted behind the engine and transmission to boost the Civic’s 1.5-liter iVTEC 4-cylinder engine’s performance and fuel economy. The car can even be driven for short periods on pure electric power. The new Accord Hybrid utilizes an electric motor and high-capacity lithium ion battery to augment the Accord’s efficient 2.0-liter Earth Dreams Technology™ i-VTEC engine for up to an EPA-estimated 50 mpg highway. Plus, EcoAssist™ configures the Accord’s engine to run in optimal fuel-saving mode. And the remarkable hydrogen-powered Honda FCX Clarity incorporates Honda’s best thinking, creating a zero-emissions vehicle that combines performance, luxury, and environmental innovation in a new way. The Future Is Now At Honda Symbolic of Honda’s commitment to the future of technology is the remarkable ASIMO® robot, considered to be the most advanced humanoid robot conceived to date. ASIMO embodies Honda’s relentless pursuit of the latest advancements in technology that will soon fuel the future of your everyday drive. Technology and Honda. Two words that go together hand-in-glove. We’re sure Mr. Soichiro Honda would be proud. honda-technology-auto-show Your Future Arrives Today At Your South Florida Honda Dealers We invite you to check out the highly advanced, superbly engineered, and remarkable fuel efficient new lineup of 2015 and 2016 Honda automobiles at a South Florida Honda Dealer near you. The future of automotive technology is here today at your local Honda dealer near Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. To locate a South Florida Honda Dealer in your vicinity, please click here.   Source: FCX Clarity Soichiro Honda Photos: