Those ink-stamped, heart-shaped, “Be Mine” Valentine candies are totally out this year. Now that the old standby is kaput, what should you prepare for your kid’s Valentine’s Day classroom party this year? Here are a few nifty DIY projects, treats, and crafts to consider.

Valentine’s Rice Krispy Treats

It’s the standard and much-adored Rice Krispy Treat with a lovely twist. Your kids will be thrilled to help decorate these pops with frosting, gummies, or just about anything else dentists hate. Wrap them up in some plastic, tie them with a Valentine’s bow, and you’re all set. Get the recipe here.

Here’s a helpful tip: Mix up two batches. Then you’ll have one to give to the entire class and the other to gobble down yourself (or with the family, if you must).

Candy Robot Valentines

Nothing says “be mine” like a toy robot. Right? If you’ve got spare boxes of those traditional Valentine candies laying around, this DIY craft is a perfect way to get rid of them. Grab candy—any candy works, really—some glue, and a few helping hands to build creations Michael Bay might even want on set. This makes for a great classroom Valentine’s Day project, too! Here’s the rundown of how to make these candy robots.

Candy Robot Valentines

Happy ValenSLIME

Just say “no” to hearts and flowers on Valentine’s Day! With this gooey slime, everyone in your kid’s class will have a blast. Is it a bit messy? You bet, but this squishtastic ball of sludge is sure to make the grade. It’s also non-toxic, so there’s no worry about the weird kid eating it like it’s pudding. Take a look at the instructions at

Make Emoji Cards

With the popularity of Emojis growing, it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that your kid’s classroom is throwing an Emoji-themed Valentine party. Great. Print out these outlines to create a bunch of funny faces just in time for February 14th. Just glue on some chocolate candy hearts (wrapped in foil, of course) to the eye holes, and voila.

Everyone loves Star Wars

Everyone <3 Star Wars

Rule over your child’s classroom party with these Star Wars Valentine’s Day cards!  Print them out, stick on some spare Halloween candy if you’re in a pinch, and may the Force be with you. Check out the instructions to make these fun Valentine cards.

Valentine’s Bubble Gum Tape

Some stickers and a few dozen containers of “Bubble Gum Tape” are all you need to make these Valentine treats for school. If the kids in class are a bit too young to chew gum, consider replacing the tape with other candies, like gummy bears. (The fun play on words won’t be appreciated by three-year-old kids, anyway.) Print out the stickers at

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Love is Like a Box of Crayons…

You always know what you’re going to get. Keep the creativity flowing and cut out the calories with a bunch of Crayolas. Pop one of these printable graphics onto the box with some tape or glue and you’ll be coloring outside of the lines this Valentine’s Day.

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