Decorating your Miami home for Halloween can be a lot of fun, especially if you have smaller children who love everything about this spooky holiday. But if you’re strapped for cash, know that Halloween decorating doesn’t have to cost a lot of money! In many cases, you can use supplies that are already lying around the house. Here are some home decorating ideas for Halloween that won’t break the bank.

Decorate Pumpkins

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when decorating your Halloween pumpkin. Here are a few ideas to help you out:

  • Have several pumpkins painted in bright colors or use glow-in-the-dark paint.
  • All-white or black pumpkins look pretty cool, too, and you can even take it a step further and turn them into a black cat by putting a smaller pumpkin on top of a larger one.
  • Wrap gauze all around it and turn it into a mummy. You can also design it in Miami Heat or Marlins colors to show off your team commitment.
  • String small white lights around it and let the kids draw a Halloween scene on it with colorful markers.

And don’t feel pressured to carve the pumpkin if you don’t want the mess. But if you do like to stay traditional and need a few free printable stencils for your jack-o-lanterns, check out the following from,, and

Haunted House Look

Throw sheets over all your furniture as if you have moved out abruptly. Rearrange a few pieces for an extra haunted look. Then, sprinkle talcum powder or cornstarch around shelves, the floor, and the furniture to give it a dusty look.

Spook out everyone with “Mad Scientist” jars. Save jars of spaghetti sauce or baby food before the holiday. Put a bunch of them together and fill each with different colored water (use two drops of food coloring in each jar). Fill the jars with items such as old doll heads, plastic spiders, or bugs—whatever you can think of to make them look like specimens from a laboratory. Group them up for a creepy display.


Create a spooky window scene with black cardboard or card stock. Draw the images you desire on the cardboard, such as shadowy figures or black cats. Cut out the images with scissors or a box cutter, then attach them to the inside of your window using scotch tape. When the indoor lights are turned on, your cut-outs will give off a ghastly appearance. Add small string black lights around the window for an all-out Halloween scene.

With these creepy ideas, your Halloween party will go off without a hitch.

halloween ideas miami fl

Other Front Yard Decorations

Normally, you want your house looking pristine; but on Halloween, go all-out and up the spook factor to an “11” with these fun ideas:

  • Create a porch scarecrow by stuffing old clothing with newspaper and propping everything up in a chair on the porch (or a broomstick stuck into the ground). Make several to look like a family of ghouls.
  • Make ghostly lanterns out of old milk jugs. Clean and dry the jugs, then draw faces on them with black markers. Cut the backs out and illuminate them with white twinkle lights or battery-powered candles. (Fire hazard: don’t use real candles!)
  • Design a Halloween door mat. Use an old doormat (or get a cheap one at the store) and paint it with acrylic paint. Decorate it to your liking; use stencils or write words like “boo” or “Happy Halloween.”
  • Create a bat mobile. Spray paint a tree branch black and use black card stock or construction paper to make the bats. Poke thread through each hole and hang the bats on the tree branch after first securing it with rope or string.
  • Make ghosts for your front yard with white plastic trash bags. Stuff them with leaves or newspaper and draw on the eyes and mouth with black markers. Place them on the porch or out in the front yard. You can even put them in the driver’s seat of your car as it sits in the driveway!
  • Turn old Barbie dolls into walking zombies. If you don’t have any Barbie figurines, you can pick them up for next to nothing at yard sales or thrift stores. Paint their hair white, “bloody” up their faces and clothing, and you’ve got an instant zombie for your front patio! Make an entire ghastly parade and give them that dead-eyed, eat-your-brains look.

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From all of our Greenacres Honda dealers to you, have a happy and safe Halloween!

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