In 2020, for the 11th time ever, Miami hosts America’s favorite annual sporting event: The Big Game. You can bet Hard Rock Stadium will be absolutely loaded with tailgaters—will you be one of them? Our poor, ole ‘Fins didn’t make it through to February, but that doesn’t mean you can’t, shouldn’t or won’t enjoy Sunday’s exciting Miami football parties and activities. So proudly rock that Dolphins jersey and follow these pro tailgating party tips for The Big Game 2020 (or any Dolphins game, for that matter).


Pick Your Tailgating Spot Like a Pro

Start your Miami tailgating party off with a perfect Hard Rock Stadium parking spot. There are a few tricks to ensure you’re not situated in a parking lot that’s two miles away from the arena:

  • There are more than 24,000 parking spots across 20 lots, but you’re not guaranteed any of them at The Big Game unless you’ve pre-purchased them. So arrive early—and by early, we mean before you’ve even had a sip of coffee. On regular Dolphins games, gates open two hours prior to kickoff; special opening times are set up on The Big Game; call the stadium’s parking hotline at 305-943-7275 for updates.
  • Spots can’t be saved or reserved, so coordinate with all your tailgate buddies to guarantee everyone drives in together. One for all and all for one.
  • Depending on your parking preference, there are several “best routes to take” to get to the Hard Rock Stadium tailgating area. Review them prior to The Big Game.
  • Park in an area that offers easy access to your nearest stadium entrance and seating section.
  • Burn and imprint the Hard Rock Stadium map (below) into your brain.


Hard Rock Stadium Tailgate Parking

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Follow the Hard Rock Stadium Tailgating Guidelines

Whether you’re coming in from out of town or have been a lifelong Miami resident, it’s essential to adhere to Hard Rock Stadium’s set of rules. These rules lay out how and where to park, what types of items are permitted in the tailgate area, and more.


Know Your Space

Tailgating is restricted to an 8’x10’ area behind your vehicle. Plan ahead by measuring your tables, tents and gear. You can even lay it all out in your backyard to avoid any game-day embarrassment, which includes removal from the tailgating area.

One convenient way to maximize your Miami tailgating area is to utilize the entirety of your truck bed. A Honda Ridgeline offers that convenience.

Honda Ridgeline Miami Tailgate

Swing its dual-action tailgate outward for easy access to the bed, which can be turned into a viewing area—the Ridgeline’s 400W in-bed outlet comes in handy here—or makeshift buffet. Be sure to shift everything to the front of the bed, allowing you to grab a drink from the coolest cooler ever: Ridgeline’s 7.3-cubic-foot in-Bed Trunk with a drain plug. And when you’re in the game, you can place your foldable hard tonneau cover on top and lock it all up.


Check Out the Miami Beach Convention Center

Play interactive games, get some player autographs, shop official merch (that’s short for “merchandise”) and more. Heck, if you’re lucky you may even catch a glimpse of the Vince Lombardi trophy before kickoff. Keep your eyes peeled for signs to the NFL Experience zone when you’re roaming around Miami over the weekend.


Go Heavy on the Snacks

Grilling out at your tailgate party is key, but the best foods to serve while tailgating are those that can be gobbled down in one bite—finger foods, basically. Nothing beats a fistful of corn chips while you’re havin’ a catch with that friendly tailgating neighbor. Adding snacks to your game day menu will save you money; you know how pricey concessions can be at normal games, let alone the trademarked one.

Now you’re ready to have a great tailgate party. The only thing left to do is get your vehicle packed. Go get ‘em, champ.

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