From January 14th to the 28th, the 2018 NAIAS in Detroit will be presenting some of the most interesting innovations in car design. Numerous models and brands will be exhibited as automakers show off their new optimized machines for 2018 and onward. Among those ingenious automakers is Honda, who is rumored to be unveiling one incredible new model: the 2019 Insight. Here’s what’s in store for those who check out the new Honda Insight at the Detroit Auto Show.


Hondas Fresh New Hybrid 2019 Insight

Doing their part to usher in a new age of hybrid vehicles, Honda will be unveiling a new Insight hybrid-electric model. The prototype of the new 2019 Insight has the look of a futuristic beast and, apparently, the engine to match. After early information was released in December, anticipation for the new finished product has been palpable. Will it be married to the design of its 2016 ancestor or something new altogether?

Honda’s plan was to put the Insight above the popular Honda Civic, offering a premium level of compact-car style in a fuel-efficient package. The interior is reported to be spacious, seating five and luxuriant in composition. The 2019 Insight utilizes a two-motor hybrid system, which was initially developed back in 2014 for the Honda Accord Hybrid. (The third generation of this engine has been transferred into the Insight making for some surprising options for the future.)

Honda fans like those at our South Florida Honda Dealers will recognize the same system installed in the Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, which means it’s likely to appear in the future Honda CR-V Hybrid, as well. With this two-motor system, drivers will be allowed to drive for an extended amount of time in electric-only mode, distancing it from the mild hybrid systems that were part of the first and second generation of Insights.
It seems that Honda plans to make this car compete with vehicles like the Toyota Prius by challenging the mpg status quo. And that bodes well for the idea of electric power over longer distances.


The design of the new interior is focused on luxury as well as reliability and sustainability. This 2019 Insight Hybrid is a midsize compact with four doors, making it as attractive as any other comparable vehicle on the market. Some of the key attractions in this hybrid vehicle will be its large interior, as many former hybrids were two-seaters or hatchbacks.
We have high hopes for the Insight.

What Else is Going on at the NAIAS?

As a respected organization in the automotive industry, the North American International Auto Show is several shows rolled into one. These include the Automobili-D Preview Show (which gives viewers a look at the future of transportation), Industry Preview, Press Preview, and the nine-day-long Public Show. Additionally, during the NAIAS Charity Preview, it’s rumored that many exciting contributions from industry luminaries will reward those charitable folks in attendance.

During the first month of 2018, Detroit will once again be a hotbed of automotive ingenuity, as the most forward-thinking executives, engineers, thought leaders showcase their stuff. From January 14th to the 28th, the NAIAS will make us all wonder, “what next?” While we can’t be certain what’s on the horizon, we know that the future is looking mighty fine with Honda at the helm of the ship.

If you can’t make the Detroit Auto Show this year, why not test drive any of the other ingenious 2018 Honda models we have available in Miami? Just pay a visit to your closest South Florida Honda Dealers to browse our selection.

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