Honda Ridgeline Towing Guide & Specs

Versatile. Convenient. Smart. Powerful? Yes, the Honda Ridgeline is known for its unrivaled flexibility, but thanks to a newly standard i-VTM4 AWD system and a robust 3.5L V6 engine, the new 2021 Ridgeline is just as capable with a trailer hitched up as it is without. 

Find out more about the Honda Ridgeline’s towing capacity, max payload, and how it can make your next fishing, camping, or ATVing trip a memorable one.

How Much Weight Can a Honda Ridgeline Tow?

Trailering specs carry over from the 2020 truck, with the 2021 Honda Ridgeline towing capacity coming in 5,000 lbs*. The Ridgeline Sport model has a max payload of 1583 lbs. (Watch how much hauling strength the Ridgeline has.)

If you aren’t normally towing enormous RVs or heavy boats to the beach, a midsize truck, like the Ridgeline, will suit you well. With an appropriate Honda Ridgeline tow package and hitch, you can pull everything from small toy haulers and ATVs to jet skis and short boats, including bowriders, cuddy cabins, deck and pontoon boats, dinghies, and even some 20-foot sailboats. 

Honda Ridgeline: Boat Towing Guide

Wondering if the Honda Ridgeline can pull your boat? Here is a list of the most common boat models, separated by type and their estimated dry weights (excluding trailer, fuel, boat motor, and other gear):

Honda Ridgeline Towing Boat

(Note: If you don’t see your specific boat model on this list, please contact any of our South Florida Honda Dealers. We will do our best to help determine if a Honda Ridgeline can tow your boat.)

Aluminum Boats

Make & ModelEstimated Dry WeightCan Ridgeline Pull It?
Crestliner 1750 Fish Hawk1500 lbs.
Kingfisher 2025 Flex Tiller XP1560 lbs.
Lowe 1810 Fishing Machine Pro WT1850 lbs.
Lund 1775 Crossover XS1450 lbs.
Polar Kraft Kodiak 165 SC1000 lbs.
Princecraft 195 Xperience1845 lbs.
Ranger VS1882 DC1790 lbs.
Smoker Craft 182 Pro Angler XL1425 lbs.
Starcraft Fishmaster 2101600 lbs.
Tracker Targa V-18 WT2060 lbs.

Dock & Pontoon Boats

Make & ModelEstimated Dry WeightCan Ridgeline Pull It?
Avalon GS Fish 211850 lbs.
Crestliner 220 Rally FS2500 lbs.
Cypress Cay SeaBreeze SL 2332500 lbs.
Premier 220 Cast-A-Way1950 lbs.
Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 18 DLX1420 lbs.
Suntracker Regency 254XP3 273300 lbs.

Fishing Boats

Make & ModelEstimated Dry WeightCan Ridgeline Pull It?
Bass Cat Puma FTD1825 lbs.
Charger 210 Elite1900 lbs.
Nitro Z181700 lbs.
Ranger 1880 MS2290 lbs.
Skeeter FX 21 LE2175 lbs.
Xpress X19 Pro1390 lbs.
Bayliner Element 182000 lbs.
Cobia 201 Center Console2745 lbs.
WorldCat 230 Center Console4000 lbs.
(dry weight only)
Mako 21 LTS2735 lbs.
Parker 18012050 lbs.
Pathfinder 2600 HPS Bay Crusher3600 lbs.
Robalo R2454350 lbs.
(dry weight only)
Regulator 235600 lbs.

Ski and Speed Boats

Make & ModelEstimated Dry WeightCan Ridgeline Pull It?
Malibu Wakesetter LSV233400 lbs.
Malibu Wakesetter 24MXZ4800 lbs.
(dry weight only)
Mastercraft Prostar 203000 lbs.
Tige RZR 203100 lbs.
32 Thunder Cat5400 lbs.


Make & ModelEstimated Dry WeightCan Ridgeline Pull It?
Catalina 16.5 (Capri)430 lbs.
Catalina 222490 lbs.
Cornish Adventure 192040 lbs.
Crabber 171930 lbs.
Paine 14850 lbs.
Pearson Ensign3000 lbs.
Picnic Cat500 lbs.
Sunfish120 lbs.
Venture 211200 lbs.
Stuart Knockabout4000 lbs.
(dry weight only)
C&C 275180 lbs.

Jet Skis & Personal Watercrafts

Make & ModelEstimated Dry WeightCan Ridgeline Pull It?
FX Cruiser HO Full450 lbs.
Kawasaki Ultra 310LX935 lbs.
Krash320 lbs.
Sea-Doo SPARK TRIXX440 lbs.
Yamaha SUPERJET320 lbs.

As always, you’ll want to take into account your boat trailer weight (see below) when calculating your truck’s towing ability.

Honda Ridgeline: Trailer Towing Guide

Every type of trailer has a specific purpose, which means not every trailer will weigh the same or offer the same capabilities. For instance, a tow dolly can help you tow a small vehicle, but it can’t haul larger vehicles as a car trailer would. 

New Honda Truck Tows Trailer

Here is a list of trailer types and their estimated average (empty) weight ranges:

Trailer TypeApproximate Empty WeightCan Ridgeline Pull It?
Jet Ski Trailer100-500 lbs.
Motorcycle Trailer300-800 lbs.
Fishing Boat Trailer200-1500 lbs.
Tow Dolly400-800 lbs.
Teardrop Camping Trailer500-3200 lbs.
Car Trailer1500-2800 lbs.
A-Frame Camper1200-2300 lbs.
Pop-Up Camper1400-3000 lbs.
Small Travel Trailer1200-3900 lbs.
Horse Trailer2300-3900 lbs.
Flatbed/Utility Trailer500-4500 lbs.
U-Haul 6×12 Trailer1920 lbs.
5th-Wheel Camper5000-16000 lbs.
Large Travel Trailer4500-8700 lbs.

10 Safety Tips for Towing a Trailer 

  1. Know your weight. Calculating the total weight of your equipment, plus an additional few hundred pounds for a safe measure is priority number one. Write down weights for the trailer, fuel (averages 200-400 lbs.), stereo equipment, life vests, coolers, and other gear. These can easily add up. The last thing you want is to go over your truck’s max towing capacity or gross vehicle weight as doing so can cause severe damage to your suspension, tires, and engine.
  2. Balance your load well before driving. It’s a good practice to place all gear inside your boat and above the trailer axles. Never throw gear in the back, as you may overload the rear of the trailer and make it difficult to keep control of your truck at higher speeds.
  3. Secure loose items. Instead of throwing loose items inside your boat, utilize your truck bed as best you can—without going over the vehicle’s trailering capacity. Ridgeline makes this task easier by offering a large in-bed trunk that can safely store fishing gear and other important equipment.
  4. Secure your equipment. Have you ever seen a boat bounce off a trailer and onto the road? Let’s just say it’s a disaster. Secure your boat to the trailer!
  5. All-wheel drive is your friend. Boat ramps can be slick, especially in saltwater, and if your boat is on the heavy side, it might be a tough task to load it back onto the trailer. That’s what Ridgeline’s i-VTM4 AWD system was made for: Tough tasks. Read about how the redesigned Ridgeline is now ready to rumble.
  6. Practice, practice, practice. How do you avoid the dreaded “jackknife” when backing up? Practice reversing with your boat or gear hitched up in an open parking lot. Go slowly. Don’t make sudden turns of the wheel. Get a feel for steering. And make sure no one’s recording so they can post it on YouTube for laughs.
  7. Keep your distance. Safe following distances while towing are much farther apart than normal. A general rule of thumb is to allow 2 seconds of distance for every 10 feet of your vehicle length, including whatever you’re pulling. For instance, if you’re towing a 20-foot boat trailer and your Ridgeline is approximately 18 feet long, you want to space yourself at least 8 seconds from the vehicle in front of you. In wet conditions, multiple everything by 2-3.
  8. Inspect your tires. Don’t forget to check your trailer tires for signs of deterioration and deflation. They’re just as important as your truck tires.
  9. Don’t get stuck. Always assess the area you intend to drive through or park your truck. Do you have enough width? Is there room to reverse and exit? Will you be in the way of other vehicles?
  10. Install the right hitch. An incorrect truck hitch might increase tongue weight, which will cause your load to sag at the trailer coupler. A good weight-distributing hitch is best for Honda Ridgeline tongue weight (about 10-15% of the total trailer load), as it will redistribute the weight better at the axles. If you’re not sure if you have the correct Honda Ridgeline hitch size or type, call our South Florida Honda Dealers.

Now that you and your Ridgeline are ready for an adventure, it’s time to hit the road. Whether you’re taking a family vacation to Key West, going fishing at Cape Coral, or heading to a South Florida campground for a weekend retreat, you’ll be well prepared for whatever comes next. 

Need some help setting your Honda Ridgeline up to pull a trailer, boat, or other equipment? Feel free to contact any of our Honda dealerships near Miami for assistance. We’d be happy to crunch numbers or order and install your Honda Ridgeline trailer hitch. 


Maximum towing capacity is 5,000 lbs. Towing requires accessory towing equipment. Please see your Honda dealer for details.