Whether you have one child or ten, driving with your kids in the car can make any parent feel anxious. Those feelings are eased with a vehicle that has safety features and comfort to properly secure your child on every ride. For some parents, this might mean the room to install multiple car seats. For others, it may mean keeping children occupied so that they don’t distract the driver. Honda has a vehicle for every occasion, in multiple sizes, styles, and price ranges. Explore these features in all the models that parents love. Keep your children safe and ride in comfort and style wherever you go. 

Safe Vehicles For Every Family

Honda has the famed Odyssey minivan, perfect for families in its lineup, but there are also crossover vehicles, smaller hatchback styles, and the Honda Ridgeline pickup that can haul the whole crew. They each have their own unique style, comfort, and amenities, but all bring the safety features and peace of mind you expect from Honda.

  • The Odyssey is no typical minivan. It has an updated body style that looks sleek and a modern interior to match. The interior has comfortable features like the rear entertainment system that easily keep passengers occupied. There’s even an “are we there yet” app that answers the question children love to ask most on the road. Gliding second-row seating makes this the ultimate versatile family vehicle. 

  • The Passport is the perfect vehicle to keep a family safe while constantly on the go. With driver-assist technology that helps keep the vehicle stable in any type of weather condition, this vehicle is the adventuring family’s favorite.  

  • The CR-V is a sporty midsize SUV, perfect for any family. It’s easy to get car seats loaded into the back with enough legroom for extended rear-facing car seats. There’s more room than the average sedan without the cavernous expanse of the average minivan. The hatchback makes loading gear easy from strollers and diaper bags to toys and sports gear. 

  • The Ridgeline is Honda’s lighter version of a pickup truck with comfort features in the cab that make it safe and easy to drive. Most pickups have a small bench in the extended cab that’s not ideal for car seats or boosters. The Ridgeline, however, has full seats in the back that fold up to accommodate large items. There is also a fully lockable weatherproof trunk in the cab that makes this pickup ideal for families. Haul groceries or the pieces of your next playset in this versatile pickup.

  • Honda Sedans have styles for everyone from different Civic models to the Accord, to the Clarity plug-in hybrid. Each has good legroom, allowing for extended rear-facing car seats in the back or booster seats that keep your children safe. 

The Odyssey Shines

Among all models throughout Honda, the clear winner for families is the Odyssey. One of the most difficult things for parents is getting a child into their car seat. The Odyssey’s cavernous interior and large rear doors allow parents to get up in front of the seat, move between the front and back seats with ease, and safely install the seat as well as secure children quickly and securely. The back fits all their friends and gear comfortably and is a smooth ride for all passengers. But don’t take our word for it, listen to what Car and Driver has to say: 

Its second and third rows are among the roomiest in the class, and its second-row seats are far more comfortable than the Pacifica’s. Honda’s inventive second-row Magic Slide seats (standard on EX trims and up) slide both side to side and fore and aft, allowing for multiple configurations. Throw in some fun tech features, a sprinkle of ingenuities, and a quietest-in-class cabin, and the Odyssey is a hauler that is fit for the modern family.

Safety First

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recommendations for car seats that are updated regularly. Even for older children ages 8-12, the NHTSA recommends that children remain in a booster seat until the seat belt fits snugly across the chest and shoulders, and the lap belt fits across the lap, not the thighs or stomach. Safety is Honda’s first priority. We encourage all families to make sure kids are properly secured in their seats before hitting the road.

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