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9 Secrets To Making Your Upside-Down Car Loan Disappear

Is the balance on your auto loan more than your vehicle’s resale or trade-in value?  Welcome to “The Upside Down,” a place where millions of people reside each year. Unfortunately, being underwater on your car loan can be quite a stressful situation to be in. However,...

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What’s New In The 2019 Honda Civic?

It’s refreshed. It’s refreshing. It’s the 2019 Honda Civic. Finally arriving at our South Florida Honda dealerships earlier this month, the new Civic may have the same familiar charm as the 2018 model, but you’d be wrong to judge this gorgeous book by its cover. Under...

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2018’s 10 Top Christmas Gifts for Car Guys

Trying to find a Christmas car gift for the guy who has everything? Here are 10 cool automotive gift ideas of 2018 that’ll rev his engine—literally. Flood Guard Car Bag Get your guy ready for Florida’s next hurricane season...

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What Should You Do If Your Car Is Stolen?

If your car is stolen, you may well feel as if part of your world is over. You put a lot of your personality and self into that car! Plus, you kept some important stuff and paperwork in there. Truly a bummer. But once the proverbial dust settles and you come to the...

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