Each October, like clockwork, Pinterest and Lyft release their list of trending Halloween costumes for the year. This year, Tonya Harding and Black Panther characters are among the most popular outfits. Sure, you’ll see plenty of Wakanda warriors trick-or-treating around South Florida, but the spice of life isn’t Disney-dust—it’s variety. Here are our predictions for the top 4 Halloween costumes of 2018. 

  1. Burt Reynolds from Smokey and the Bandit

In Burt Reynolds’s death, America lost a true Hollywood icon. But the mustache lives on this Halloween! Adults from South Florida to the Pacific Northwest will be rocking that classic red leather jacket, tan cowboy hat, and gigantic belt buckle to pay homage to the late, great Reynolds. If you don’t see at least one Bandit out in the neighborhood, you should probably find a new neighborhood. 

To create your Burt Reynolds costume, you gotta start with the mustache. Once that’s secured, move onto the jacket and that snazzy South Florida cowboy hat. Easy-peasy. 

 Mr. Rogers

  1. Mr. Rogers

With the success of Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, a documentary well worth its praise, Mr. Rogers is back and better than ever, spawning new followers even decades after the conclusion of his show and untimely death. Although kids may not be the sweetest neighbor in the world this Halloween, you can bet adults will whip out the pressed pants and cozy sweater to pay tribute to the sweetest on-air personality of our generation. 

Incredibles 2 | “Jack-Jack vs. Raccoon” Sneak Peek 

  1. Jack-Jack from The Incredibles 2

If there’s one reason to have a baby, it’s to dress him up in an adorable Halloween outfit. This year’s mega-hit, The Incredibles 2, gives parents the perfect infant-sized costume for October 31: Jack-Jack. He’s got the mask, pointy hair, and a comfy-looking red jumper. What more could you ask for?  

Bonus points if you have a pet raccoon to pair him with. 

Search for Baby Jack-Jack costumes herehere, or anywhere else cute outfits are sold. 

 Fortnite’s Ninja

  1. Fortnite’sNinja 

No matter what you think of the ultra-popular game Fortnite, kids of all ages have fallen head over heels for it—and a lot of that love has to do with its most popular player, Ninja. Earning millions in donations streaming the game this year, the dyed-haired Ninja is perhaps one of the most recognized faces in the world. If your child asks to be Ninja for Halloween, they’re probably wanting to color their hair sage-blue, not walk around with samurai swords and throwing stars. 

Making a Ninja costume for your pre-teen is simple. First, dye their hair blue. Then, get them a headset and don’t let them wear deodorant for a few days.  


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