Generations of kids before you had their time to shine, their heyday, their pinnacle of success. And surely the generations after you will, too.

But now it’s your turn. So embrace your new diploma, and grab life by the steering wheel.

At your local South Florida Honda dealers near West Palm Beach and Miami, we’re proud to offer recent college grads an incentive to start adulthood: an affordable vehicle that will get them from point A to point Z and beyond. No more bumpy bus rides, stinky Ubers, or skateboarding behind a pickup like McFly – we’re talking about your very own reliable, four-wheeled traveling companion.

So what does the Honda Financial Services Graduate Program look like? Here’s a rundown:

What You’ll Need

As is the case with most financing and leasing conditions, you’ll be required to provide the dealership with the following documents and items:

  • Proof of income/employment, or a letter of intent from an employer to hire you.
  • Proof that you’ve graduated from a two- or four-year university within the last two years or will become a graduate within six months
  • Proof of auto insurance
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Your social security card and/or birth certificate (to run credit checks)
  • At least a 5% down payment

Also, it’d be wise to bring several utility bills proving your attachment to your residence.

What You’ll Get

When leasing or buying any one of our 2015 or 2016 Honda models, you as a graduate save $500. This savings will be applied toward a cap cost on a lease, or on the down payment on a purchase by barely lifting a finger. With no adverse credit history and the documents and information listed in the above section, you should be good to go.

Not only will you get a new vehicle, but you’ll also be building up credit by paying your lease or loan each month – something many college-aged kids aren’t given the opportunity to do.

If qualified to purchase, you’ll be given the option to defer your first payment by 90 days (60 days interest-free), which could be a blessing for those who’ve just begun settling down in a new city or apartment.

And unlike most other car specials, the Graduate Program discount can be used in tandem with most of our current Honda offers, with the exception of any “zero due at signing” lease specials. Cha-ching.

Where to Go

If you live in West Palm Beach or within the South Florida region, we welcome you with open arms! Since there are numerous Honda dealerships in South Florida (from south of Miami to Port Beach), search for one by your ZIP code. Then browse our new car inventory, choose the Honda that’ll help make your mark on the world, and come slide into its driver’s seat.

Oh, and congratulations! We’re proud to be the first to nudge you into what will surely be a life well-lived.