Should You Buy or Lease a New Vehicle?

Your choice to purchase or lease a vehicle is one of the most serious, costliest decisions you’ll ever make. Tens of thousands of dollars are at stake, and should you choose unwisely, you may be left with tens of thousands of regrets. 

Whether you’re straight out of college or moving on to your 12th vehicle, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of leasing and buying. Weigh the pros and cons of car loans and car leases below to see which option is right for your future.

Car Buying vs. Leasing: Pros & Cons


Lower monthly paymentsBuild equity
Potentially no (or low) down paymentLower long-term insurance costs
Upgrade every few yearsLower long-term registration fees
Automatic GAP coverage with Honda leasesNo monthly payments after loan is paid off
Always under warrantyNo mileage restrictions or wear and tear fees
Newest technologyCan customize the vehicle
Low maintenance and repair costsCan sell or trade in at any time
Tax advantages for businessesThe best value if you’re a good car owner
Never “upside down” on a loanOwnership
Virtually worry-free ownership
Flexible lease terms
No or less sales tax paid
Fee waivers for loyal Honda lessees
Better fuel economy with newer models


Higher insurance and registration costsHigher monthly payments until loan is paid
Mileage restrictionsHigher down payment
Wear and tear chargesWarranty will expire 
No equity unless you buy at lease-endHigher long-term maintenance costs
Must get a new car at lease-endRepairs must be paid for out of pocket
Cannot customize the vehicleDepreciation anxiety
Early lease termination fees Can become “upside down” on a loan
Turn-in fees when returning the leaseMay have a high-APR loan with bad credit
Stable income is strongly recommendedExtra hassles to sell or trade in later
GAP coverage is extra
Vehicle will eventually be outdated or die

Who Should Lease a Car

Honda Leasing in Miami

What leasing comes down to most is the convenience factor. 

Newer cars rarely have any issues within the first few years, and if one does, there’s a fair chance that the issue is covered by its new-vehicle warranty. With the exception of oil changes and routine maintenance, a car lease is as worry-free as it gets.

When you lease a car, you also pay less each month than if you’d financed the same model. This makes car leasing more advantageous to people who can’t afford to pay a large monthly car loan charge. 

Leasing a vehicle may make the most sense if you:

  • Are too busy to deal with the hassles of owning an unreliable vehicle
  • Don’t trust mechanics
  • Don’t care about building equity or selling later
  • Can’t spend too much on a vehicle
  • Don’t drive more than 12,000 miles a year, on average
  • Take good care of your vehicles
  • Don’t smoke in your vehicles
  • Don’t plan on voiding its warranty
  • Want a new vehicle every 3 years
  • Will use the vehicle for business
  • Have predictable, stable income

Who Should Buy or Finance a Car

Honda Financing in Miami

While purchasing a car isn’t as convenient as leasing, it does make the most sense for those 

who value a wise investment over dependability. That’s because every payment made on a car loan puts you one step closer to ownership, which means the opportunity to sell and make some of those payments back. Owning a vehicle can be more work, but it can pay dividends after 5-10 years.

Buying a vehicle may be worth considering if you:

  • Drive more than 12,000 miles a year
  • Want to customize your vehicle
  • Can afford higher monthly loan payments for several years
  • Are able to put down a substantial down payment
  • Want to sell down the road
  • Are a smoker
  • Know a dependable mechanic
  • Don’t mind being out of warranty
  • Can drive the same car for a long time
  • Don’t need the newest technology
  • Can have more of your cash tied to your vehicle

Of course, no two situations are the same, which can make it difficult to utilize articles like these in your decision-making process. However, if you’re still unsure about whether to buy a vehicle or lease a Honda, you have access to plenty of helpful experts at a car dealer near you. Simply ask for assistance in determining which option is right for you and your family.

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