Signs of a Bad or Dishonest Mechanic

Signs of Dishonest Mechanic Scam

Choosing an honest mechanic or service center can be difficult. Do you trust the repair shop with a handful of online reviews and good word of mouth? Do you go with a big chain store for your auto parts? Do you bring your car into the dealership’s service department and call it a day? To minimize the stress associated with getting your car repaired, here are a few signs that a mechanic may try to scam you.

They refuse to show you the faulty or damaged car part

Customers aren’t usually invited into the shop due to safety and liability reasons, but you still have the right to request evidence of the supposed damaged part. Should the mechanic refuse to bring you through the shop floor, you can ask for videos or photos of the issue if the part can’t be removed.

Additionally, if you choose to get a replacement part, ask them to indicate what brand and model the part is on your invoice and receipt. Better yet, ask for the packaging and the old part so you know you’re receiving a new component, not a used one – or one at all.

They can’t explain what’s wrong or the repair process

When a mechanic or service technician presents you with a solution to your car problem, they should be able to explain everything to you in layman’s terms. This includes what the problem is, which tests they conducted, why the problem occurred, what is needed to fix the problem, and which parts are being installed. If they cannot, get a second opinion.

They use fear tactics to scare you into making repairs

“Your vehicle is too dangerous to drive without fixing the problem. I wouldn’t be surprised if your car broke down or even caught fire on the way home.”

Although some car problems are certainly unsafe, you should raise an eyebrow anytime a mechanic attempts to use fear to sway your opinion. While their assessment may be accurate, it’s best to get a second opinion, even if that means getting a tow to another mechanic or auto shop.

They have dozens of 5-star reviews only

It’s nearly impossible to please every single customer. Even the most satisfied of customers will find something slightly negative to write about a service. When searching for a mechanic near you, look for patterns of customer complaints, and be wary of any shop that has 100% 5-star reviews.

The shop cycles out its service managers frequently

Good leadership emboldens a staff to be and do their best. Service managers who stay with a dealership or auto repair shop for a long time are more likely to be both good leaders and experienced mechanics who like troubleshooting problems.

They don’t speak with you if there are additional charges

An honest mechanic or service technician will always call you if parts or labor costs will exceed what was quoted in an estimate. Shady car repair shops will simply do the work and add on the extra cost when releasing your vehicle from the service bay.

They’re not certified technicians

Although it’s not necessary for mechanics to have any accreditation or education from a technical school, it shows that they’re experienced and knowledgeable in their field. Some mechanics will have a specialty, too, including a specialization to work on a specific vehicle make.

The use of certified auto technicians is one of the main reasons why a dealership’s service center is a wise choice. All work is insured, under warranty, and performed by trained mechanics. If a car repair isn’t done properly, the dealer’s service department is legally obligated to redo the job.

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