Because we have great weather year-round, it can be hard to tell when it’s officially spring. Maybe a few more flowers bloom in the trees, and more folks are running in the morning. Still, when this time of year rolls around, you want to spruce up what you own, including your vehicle.

Clear Your Front View

Even when winter rains fell, your front view stayed clear, thanks to your wipers. If you’ve got rain-sensing wipers like in the Honda Pilot, they even came on automatically when drops fall. However, if you want to keep seeing what’s ahead clearly, now’s the time to make your windshield sparkle. Spray glass cleaner on your windshield, then wipe it off with a squeegee, so you don’t get streaks. If you then cover the glass with Rain X, drops of water will bead right off. Don’t want your wipers to leave streaks when it pours? Then douse the blades with rubbing alcohol.

Wash the Floor Mats

What kind of muck do you find on your car floor at the end of the day? Playground sand, cookie crumbs, pet dander, garden mud? You and your family do an excellent job of stomping crud into the floor mats during your travel. Eliminate this mess by first vacuuming any loose dirt. This part of the process gets easier if you have a built-in vacuum like in the Honda Odyssey. If hair and dirt are stuck to the mat, spray them with water. Then wipe off with a sponge. Treat any stubborn splotches with a gentle stain remover. Wash them off with soap and water pressure. For drying, hang them in the sun. This process will help freshen things up.

Streak Free Window Cleaning Secrets

Detailing 101

In part, you bought your car because of all its cup holders, seatback pockets, and storage areas.They’re handy places to hold drinks, books, and other stuff you need next to you. The Honda Accord even has a console compartment for your phone and sunglasses. Sadly, all these helpful nooks and crannies also collect dirt. Remove all the stuff from these holders. Use a stiff brush, perhaps an old toothbrush to loosen any dirt trapped in corners and folds. Vacuum the grime away. Then spray the holders with a general purpose cleaner, which you wipe with a damp cloth. Before returning stuff to your car, ask yourself if you need them. The fewer items you put back in, then the less you’ll have to worry about finding and cleaning later on. Don’t Forget to Take Care of the Vents All Honda vehicles from the Fit to the Ridgeline use vents to bring you fresh air. That flow can also suck in dust, dirt, and pollen that settles on the vents. If you’ve tried to clean them with a cloth, you know how much of a pain that can be because of the tight spaces. A better way is to get some foam paint brushes from your local home center or dollar store. Then mix your cleaning solution with equal parts white vinegar and warm weather. Squeeze in a drop or two of lemon juice for a better smell. Another handy item to use is a cotton swab for tight spaces. Dip the foam in the solution. Then press it between the vent slats to wipe away dust and dirt. Get a dry brush to wipe any residue off the vents.

How to clean your vents using vinegar and warm water.

How to Keep It Running as Good as it Looks?

Now that your vehicle is spiffy and feels good, you can make it run even better by taking it to the Service Center at your nearest South Florida Honda Dealer. So, if you’re in Key Biscayne, Miami, Aventura or the Kendall area and need an inspection and tune-up, be assured your vehicle will receive top care at your local South Florida Honda Dealers.