Did you know that World UFO Day is an actual unofficial holiday? It’s true! Millions of people around the globe are preparing to look toward the sky on July 2, 2018. No matter how slim the chances are of spotting little green men in flying saucers, those who celebrate this odd summer event are well within their right to do so. And who are we to judge?

In fact, our South Florida Honda Dealers are happily embracing this otherworldly theme of World UFO Day this July. Not only are we offering extended summer lease and finance deals on new Honda models, we’re also here to tell you about what Honda has in store for all of us in the (very) near future. Live long and prosper, friends.

New Alternative Fuel & Honda Electric Vehicles

Hybrids have flooded the auto market in recent years, and by our estimation, hybrid vehicles will outpace gas-powered vehicles within the next few years. And Honda is in an envious position to lead that charge with its fuel-cell models and EVs.

Like its cousins (Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-In), the Clarity Fuel Cell sedan — which is available in select states across the country — is the future of the industry. It emits zero emissions, can travel over 300 miles, and can be fully charged within 5 minutes. The next step in the auto revolution begins with Honda’s Clarity series.

A Honda Sports EV concept car is in the very early stages of development, but it’s the upcoming all-new, 55-mpg Insight that’ll take your breath away. Soon, you’ll find the 2019 Honda Insight available for lease and sale at our Miami Honda dealerships. When it arrives on our showroom floors, be one of the first people to take it for a test drive! Join the waiting list by filling out Honda’s online form.

Honda Walking Assistant

Since its inception in 1999, the Honda Walking Assistant program has had one goal: to develop an affordable product that helps people with restricted mobility become more mobile. Now in its umpteenth phase of development, this walking aid supports the user’s bodyweight to reduce load, fatigue, and physical exertion. Powered by a lightweight dual-motor and battery pack, the Walking Assistant is currently available to purchase in Japan, though no plans are in place to bring that option to the States.

Honda Advanced No-Collision Safety

Honda, with its array of Honda Sensing features, is a leader in automotive safety. But Honda’s engineers aren’t resting on its laurels with its current lineup of safety systems. Here’s what they’ve got cooking on the back burners:

  • Omni-directional safety systems and technology will be available in 2020 Honda models. These systems will reduce driver workload, distractions, and enable a 50% reduction in collisions.
  • In the future, Honda hopes to develop features that link drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcycle riders together to prevent or even eliminate collisions.
  • A Cooperative Car Society system will continuously communicate with AI systems, ultimately allowing Honda vehicles to learn from interpreted data.

In a perfect world, you’ll never have to worry about car accidents inside a Honda.

NeuV: Electric Ride-Shares Without Drivers

The Ubers and Lyfts of the world, beware of Honda’s concept NeuV. Owners can utilize the NeuV around busy urban areas at will; when not used by its owner, the NeuV will function as a self-driving ride-share, transporting customers to and from their destination. This two-seater will tentatively be powered by the intuitive Honda Automated Network Assistant (HANA), and any unused energy can be sold back to the grid when the demand is high.

You won’t be seeing the NeuV in Miami tomorrow, but Honda isn’t backing down from a challenge; it’ll arrive, in some form or another, sooner rather than later.

Honda “Green Path”

By 2050—we must be getting old because that’s not too far off—Honda is setting sights on a 50% reduction of CO2 emissions. In order to accomplish this, Honda is restructuring how they construct, operate, and even transport their vehicles to Honda dealers like ours in Miami. Their “Green Path” to success involves:

  • Changing the method in which they paint each beloved Honda model;
  • Reducing waste produced by all U.S. manufacturing facilities;
  • Installing new wind turbines and alternative energy sources to power their plants;
  • Designing a new Auto-Max railcar system to transport vehicles to Honda dealerships;
  • Instituting a “Green Dealers” program to limit CO2 emissions through daily operation;
  • Partnering with SolarCity® to cut emissions in homes via solar panels;
  • Developing a Honda Smart Home program to emphasize the benefits of low-carbon loving.

To learn more about the “Green Path,” visit


Join the Wave of the Future with South Florida Honda Dealers

Oh, how far we’ve come in the last two decades! Consider the ’98 Accord as an example: its claims to fame included a 4-speed transmission, 148-hp VTEC four-cylinder, and an EPA rating of 25 city mpg. Compare that with the 2018 Honda Accord, which returns 38 mpg on the highway, comes with a 2.0L turbo that makes 252 horsepower, and features a touchscreen Energy Management System Display. Just imagine what the next 20 years has in store for us!

That’s not to say that you should wait two extra decades to explore Honda’s finest achievements, however. Visit local South Florida Honda dealers in the tri-county areas including North Miami Beach, Miami Lakes, Coral Springs, Delray Beach and more. Explore your options today, we’ve got tons of them….



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