First introduced to Hawaiians in 1969, the Honda 600 became the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer’s flagship American car. Having sold approximately 50,000 models in just under three years, Honda was on the verge of commandeering America’s roads. What happened next? There was no epic David versus Goliath tale to tell, no underdog to pull out a victory, no big comeback for the ages. After all had been said and done, the original Honda N600 sedans and Z600 coupes became afterthoughts with one-way tickets straight to the car heap.

Or so we thought. Ironically, of those 50,000 models sold, about 600 made it out relatively unscathed. And more are being given CPR each year. Although we may not have any of these 600s at our Honda dealerships near Delray Beach, FL, we know someone who does, and he lives on the other coastline.

Resuscitating the Honda 600

Meet Tim Mings, a Honda 600 wrencher out of California. His sole job is to breathe life back into the original compact beasts that came out of Japan—including the very first one, which was discovered after a serendipitous swipe made visible the original 1000001 VIN. And for a year and change, Mings worked on his new N600 baby, bolt by bolt, until it looked like this:


Making a Honda 600 Reappear


This ten-foot-long car barely weighs half a ton, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in historical value. In fact, Mings’s final goal is to have this beauty sitting in the Honda museum where it rightfully belongs. Want to learn more about this rehabilitation project? Watch the clip below and read his Serial One Project blog to re-trace the steps taken to bring the Honda 600 back from the Great Beyond.

Making a Honda 600 Reappear

From Hawaii to an auto shop in Cali, this 1970s-era Honda 600 certainly came a long way. But so too has Honda as a car maker, showing that all things are possible when you constantly produce quality. For nearly 50 years, Honda has been the name to trust when it comes to reliability, customer satisfaction, and affordability. And a look at Honda’s family tree will prove that to be true. There’s the Honda Accord, a Car and Driver’s 10Best winner for 31 years straight. Then there’s the Civic, which has taken home KBB’s Best Overall Buy title for the second-straight year. And, of course, there’s the Ridgeline, 2017’s North American Truck of the Year.

But none are as cool or directly responsible for bringing Honda to the public than its N600 and Z600 models. Thanks, Tim Mings, for giving us reason to believe in second chances.

If you live anywhere near California, be sure to keep an eye peeled for the Honda 600 at the American Honda Museum in Torrance. And if you live near our South Florida Honda Dealers, be sure to visit us the next time you need a new vehicle. We might not be able to get you a test drive inside an N600 or Z600, but our car dealers near Boynton Beach, Miami, Pembroke Pines, and Fort Lauderdale will certainly find you a more era-appropriate vehicle to get you around town. Find your closest South Florida Honda Dealers location today.

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