Tips For Your Drive-Through Baby Shower

Tips For Your Drive Through Baby Shower

Social distancing and mandatory stay-at-home orders may have canceled our plans and fun summer events, but we humans are resilient creatures. Instead of saying vows and doing the Chicken Dance in packed ballrooms, we’ve turned to drive-by wedding receptions. Instead of kids’ birthday parties at the trampoline playhouse, we’re hosting virtual parties with classmates. Instead of traditional baby showers, expecting mamas are creating contactless drive-up soirees to welcome their little ones. Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention.

If your baby shower plans have been nixed because of the coronavirus pandemic, the internet’s in your corner. Below are some trendy ideas to help get you back on track and enjoying the little things in life.

Social Distance Baby Showers: What To Know

With the exception of social distancing, most of the rules for baby showers have gone out the window. So long as you’re keeping others at a distance, your drive-thru or drive-by baby shower can be as fun, cute and fancy as you’d like. Planners, read on for setup and decoration tips.

Find a Host

A traditional baby shower would require a venue or large home to host all the guests. With a drive-thru baby shower, however, requirements are different. Homes on cul-de-sacs are best, as they won’t disrupt the flow of traffic. Big yards with lots of unused space are great. Friends and family whose houses meet these requirements should take on the role of host.

Invite Online

A unique occasion calls for a unique invitation. Evite has a number of options for virtual baby shower invites, as do online places like Paperless Post, Punchbowl and Minted. Include all important details about the event, paying special attention to “drive-thru” elements. Explain what guests should expect – lots of honking – or do to prepare – for instance, recommending people use the bathroom before the event, as restrooms won’t be available.

Consider a Theme

Is the mom-to-be a big fan of the Dolphins? Guests can decorate their cars with washable white, orange and aqua green paint. Is her favorite holiday Halloween? Tell guests to dress up in their best costume (expect lots of Tiger King getups). How about a parade, complete with floats? You get the idea. Be creative and ask guests to go above and beyond.

What About Gifts?

Handing over gifts can be a complicated process these days. Guests may choose to mail baby shower gifts in advance or even sign moms-to-be up for a subscription box from places like Lovevery or Bluum. Others will want to keep things as traditional as possible by bringing wrapped presents to the shower; these gifts should be dropped off from a distance, and expectant moms can open each gift in front of the gift-giver’s vehicle to maintain some semblance of “normal.”

Get the Decorations

Balloons, posters, streamers: These are all crucial to set the mood of your drive-up baby shower. But don’t forget some other essentials, like tables, hand sanitizer and even an awning to help block out the sun.

Set up Playlists

Be the baby shower DJ by putting together a fun playlist for the occasion. And don’t settle for a dinky Bluetooth speaker to blast the jams; push for a great sound system that everyone waiting in line can appreciate. The Honda Ridgeline has a built-in bed audio system that would work well. As the world’s first truck-bed system, it features 540 watts of power, 6 speakers, and can be operated via Bluetooth® from your smartphone or tablet.

Document the Event

Definitely consider hosting a Facebook live stream for friends and family who are out of town or unable to attend due to quarantine. You may want to hire a videographer or photographer to take pictures from a safe distance. You can also have guests record from their cars and send you the footage. A video editor can use these clips to produce a fun compilation video as a “thank you” gift.

Don’t Forget the Neighbors

Be considerate of neighbors who might be affected by a large gathering of vehicles in the street. Give them advanced notice of the event, ask if they have any concerns or questions, and even invite them to attend as a guest.

A Message to Our Customers Regarding COVID-19

Through postponed baby showers, canceled wedding receptions and other paused celebrations, it’s important to remember that this pandemic is temporary. Even so, our South Florida Honda Dealers understand the stress that may be associated with the situation, and we’re here to help our customers find a light at the end of the tunnel. If you’ve experienced any financial hardships due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we’d like to give you a hand. Contact a Honda dealer near you to ask about our current specials or discuss payment deferral and extension options that may be available.