Miami, a city of global fame and with wild nightlife parties, does St. Patrick’s like few other places can. From lively parades to all-night pub crawls, South Florida offers a variety of activities for those who want to wear green and drink beer.

For those looking to make some extra cash, St. Patrick’s Day offers loads of opportunity. Lyft and Uber drivers who choose to work this March holiday can easily make the night a lucrative one while also keeping impaired drivers off the road. (They’re the superheroes we never knew we needed.)

If your St. Patty’s Day plans include cashing in on one of the biggest party nights of the year, these 10 rideshare tips should help you reduce stress, navigate South Florida faster, and ensure customers rate you five stars.

Keep a (Digital) Eye on Things

A dual-lens dash cam covers you from both sides. Not only does it record what’s happening on the road, but it also provides a record of events in your vehicle. If a passenger gets rowdy or causes a problem, your video evidence could make a big difference in the resulting fallout.

Prioritize a Clean Vehicle

Rideshare drivers know how quickly a car’s interior can succumb to the pressures of repeat passengers. Here’s how drivers can prepare for those inevitable messes:

  • Consider a vehicle upgrade, like the Honda Odyssey, which has a built-in vacuum for easy on-the-road cleaning.
  • Keep paper towels and spray cleaner in the trunk for quick touch-ups.
  • Stop at a car wash every few hours to refresh your carpets and seats.
  • Put a small trash container in the back seat for simple refuse disposal.
  • Skip the pungent fragrances that can irritate sensitive respiratory systems.

Enjoy the Ride

Get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day in South Florida by wearing green clothing or a funky hat. Pass out cheap bead necklaces to passengers to keep the mood bright. You may be working, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun…it is a holiday, after all.

Stock Up on Amenities

Partying is hard work! Keep a few items on hand to increase your clients’ comfort and your potential tips.

  • Cold bottled water
  • Wet wipes
  • Mints, gum, or hard candies

Be Generous with the Beats

Make sure the Saint Paddy’s Day party doesn’t stop by letting your passengers pick the soundtrack. Give them access to your auxiliary cord or Bluetooth so they can play music from their own devices. (Of course, you get the final say on volume controls.)

Choose the Perfect Vehicle

If you happen to be in the market for a new vehicle, consider models with features that make your work easier.

  • Honda Odyssey features an illuminated door sill trim so your clients can clearly see each step through blurry party eyes.
  • Honda HR-V morphs into a more accommodating space for clients who want to bring their bikes along.
  • The super fuel-efficient Honda Accord Hybrid is equipped with an adaptive damper system that provides a whisper-quiet ride for your fun-weary passengers.

Ask your local South Florida car dealer about vehicles with features that fit the needs of rideshare drivers.

Take Your Breaks

It’s tempting to skip scheduled breaks in pursuit of the holiday rideshare dollars. However, driving while fatigued is a great way to get into a crash, inadvertently disobey traffic regulations, or accidentally cause confusion and inconvenience for your customers. Take your breaks to ensure you can continue pulling in the St. Patrick’s Day rideshare gold until the wee hours of the morning.

Go Where the Action Happens

Miami is a big city; South Florida is even bigger. Find the local South FLA hotspots to get the most action as a rideshare driver on St. Patrick’s Day. While there are new events every year, here are some hotspots drivers can count on for a fare.

  • The Riverside Festival parade at the Wharf is a big magnet for families.
  • The Dirty Rabbit Wynwood hosts a bar crawl where participants can always use a designated driver.
  • The Wynwood Marketplace runs a 2-day block party that doesn’t stop until the sun comes up at the end of the holiday.

Take some time to find the best locations around South Florida before hitting the road to maximize your drive time.

Check the Weather Before Heading Out

It’s a myth that South Florida weather is always perfect. Like anywhere else in the world, spring is unpredictable. Check conditions before heading out to ensure you’re ready for what the day has to offer.

And if it’s going to be a particularly rainy day, consider putting a car cover in your back seat—just in case.

Double Check Your Safety Gear

With the crowds and increased traffic, navigating Miami on St. Patrick’s Day can be a dangerous proposition. Make sure you have a spare tire, a fully stocked first-aid kit, and any other items you might need in the case of an emergency. Also, consider having an AAA membership or Honda Roadside Assistance plan, the latter of which comes with any new financed or leased Honda model.

Have a very happy (and lucrative) St. Patrick’s Day, South Florida drivers! If you need assistance with auto service in preparation for the big holiday event, visit your nearest South Florida Honda dealership and service center. Our Honda dealers offer maintenance and general repairs on all vehicles, not just Honda models. Find your closest South Florida Honda Dealers location for contact details or to schedule an appointment.