The time has come to stow away your fuzzy slippers and start pounding the Claritin: Spring is here! Although the outh Florida area is pretty warm 365 days of the year, the official alarm clock for springtime is still a welcome sound. What might not be a welcome sound is that grinding screech coming from your brakes or the squeaky windshield wipers flicking away the Miami Beach spray. Don’t let those worrisome noises keep you from enjoying the season’s change. Follow our car care checklist to ensure your spring goes off without a hitch.

Spring Car Maintenance Task List

Not treating your car to proper inspections and routine maintenance or service can lead to more than just awful noises—it can lead to sky-rocket repair bills down the line or the need to buy a new car altogether. Don’t risk it.

  • Get an oil change and replace your filter. Just do it.
  • Rotate your tires and align your wheels.
  • Consider a full fluid flush.
  • Inspect your tires for tread wear and inflate them to the proper PSI.
  • Replace windshield wipers.
  • Test your battery.
  • Get a brake inspection.
  • Wash your car by hand.
  • Inspect hoses and belts for signs of cracks, leaks, loose connections, or general deterioration.
  • Head to a certified auto body shop to repair dents, dings, and chipped windshields.
  • Test your air conditioning.
  • Run diagnostics on the electrical system, especially if you see dashboard warning lights regularly.
  • Replace old and damaged spark plugs.
  • Hang a new cabin air freshener on the rearview mirror because no one likes a stinky car.
  • Clean or replace your floor mats with all-weather mats.
  • Vacuum all sand, dirt, mud, and loose straw wrappers from the interior.
  • Attempt to remove stains from the upholstery and seats.
  • Clean the dash, steering wheel, shifter, and windows with appropriate cleaning materials, such as a microfiber cloth and specialty cleaning solution.
  • Install a trunk or cargo organizer that’s made specifically for your vehicle. (Our Honda dealers located in Miami Dade, Broward or Palm Beach county can order and install your Honda accessories easily!)
  • Apply wax to the exterior to protect your car from rust.
  • Replace any dim or broken blinker, head, or tail lights.
  • Put together or update your emergency road kit, which should include first aid materials, food and water, jumper cables, and a spare phone battery.
  • Make sure your spare tire is a) there, b) inflated, and c) paired with a tire jack. (Potholes are real.)
  • Check on recalls for your specific vehicle’s make and model, then schedule a recall repair or replacement at your local car dealer.
  • As always, we recommend you browse your car’s manual for the automaker’s recommended car maintenance and service schedule.

If anything seems out of the ordinary, unusual, or troublesome, trust your gut and make an appointment with your trusted auto service center for further advice. What may seem like a small electrical issue could blossom into something much less manageable, so nip it in the bud before repairs get out of hand.

For those Miami drivers in need of some assistance, visit one of our South Florida Honda Dealers. Our car repair shops offer a wide range of Honda maintenance and general automotive services, all of which are affordably priced and performed by licensed mechanics or Honda technicians. To schedule an appointment for car maintenance this spring, find and call a Honda dealership near you. We service the entire South Florida region, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, and Hollywood.