At South Florida Honda Dealers, we remember each Honda model that’s ever joined our dealerships’ lineups. Each new entry, each redesigned vehicle, each refresh—they’re all retained in our collective noggins as if we were elephants. But sometimes a little nostalgic reminiscing can do wonders for the soul. Take a trip down memory lane with us as we run down the list of our ten favorite Honda commercials over the last decade. Enjoy.

2017: Lost & Found

Starring one of the most adorable pups ever and the world’s handiest handyman—get a load of that doghouse—this Honda commercial for the 2017 Ridgeline is a real tear-jerking doozy. Grab the tissue box, cuz you’re gonna need it.

2016: Testing the New Pilot

Rain or shine. Icy overpasses or dirt roads. Kayaks or…piñatas? This commercial showcases the many ready-for-anything features of the 2016 Honda Pilot, including the rearview camera with guide lines, blind spot information system, and One-Touch 2nd-row seats and 60/40 split 3rd-row seats.

2015: Ignition

Honda is proud to support dreamers big and small, as evidenced by its slogan, “The Power of Dreams.” This inspiring commercial pays tribute to a great dream of mankind and one of our most remarkable feats of engineering: space flight.

2014: The 2015 Honda Fit Fits Any Lifestyle

It may look petite on the outside, but the Honda Fit is pure versatility on wheels. With fully foldable and reclining seats, the Fit can be your road-trip home away from home and haul just about anything your heart desires—ok, most things.

2013: The Red, White, & Bluetooth

This titillating Honda commercial from 2013 might awaken in you a desire to save huge on your next new car. Or it might just make you want to take an American History course at your local South Florida community college.

2012: The Driving Dead

Although we don’t quite understand what an undead businessman has to do with the Honda Civic, we still appreciate the artistry of this commercial, particularly that part when his arms go flying onto the driving range. To each their own, indeed.

2011: Simon and CARfunkel

A commercial that lets the Honda Accord shine, shine, shine in all its glory as a perennial nominee of Car and Driver’s 10Best List? And it features the classic music of folk legends Art and Paul? Sign us up.

2010: Little Boxes Made of Ticky-tacky

You shouldn’t be confined to a generic box because adventure comes in many tantalizing shapes. At least that’s the message we gathered from this Honda commercial for the Accord Crosstour, a favorite at our Honda dealerships in South Florida that was sadly discontinued in 2015.

2009: Mad Respect for the Van

This commercial is a throwback to a time nearly forgotten, a time when vans were made into sex symbols thanks to Mr. T and The A-Team, and were the clear choice if a chain-link fence needed smashed. Now it’s the Honda Odyssey’s turn to bring sexy back (minus the fence smashing).

2008: RIP Honda Element

During its short stint as one of Honda’s crossover SUVs, the Element earned its fair share of fans, including many within our South Florida Honda dealerships. It was a vehicle ahead of its time but unfortunately lost its badging in 2011. Rest well, sweet prince. 

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