What Are HondaLink and Bluetooth HandsFreeLink? (And Other FAQs)


If you’re new to technology or simply want to know more about Honda’s built-in HondaLink or HandsFreeLink features, you’ve come to the right place. As experts in all things “Honda,” our car dealers near Port St Lucie and Miami know a thing or two about how to set up and make the most of these two extraordinary systems. Read onward, friend, and you too will become an expert in the art of HondaLink and HandsFreeLink use.

What is HondaLink?

There are currently two iterations of this software available: HondaLink First Generation and HondaLink Next Generation.

HondaLink First Generation allows certain late-model Honda vehicles to connect seamlessly with a compatible smartphone using the Aha app. When connected, your smartphone will upload data to the touchscreen display on the dash, which you can personalize to best fit your driving style. You’ll have access to contact lists, social media accounts, stored music, weather reports, current news, and streaming internet radio programming.

For certain Honda electric models, the HondaLink EV app adds another level to First Generation, allowing you to view battery levels and mile ranges, begin or stop battery charging, find nearby charging posts, and preset cabin temperatures.

HondaLink Next Generation takes connectivity to a whole new level, offering users with select 2014 and newer Honda models the ability to utilize its features and content inside the car as well as on a mobile device or computer. Packaged with four downloadable applications, HondaLink Next Generation brings you one step closer to complete autonomy; it comes with 3D and turn-by-turn navigation, HondaLink Traffic reporting, weather information, on-demand radio, and quick-select restaurant recommendations and other points of interest. It even has an intuitive interface that makes it simple to schedule auto service at one of our South Florida Honda Dealers!

What Honda Models Come with HondaLink?

The newest Honda Accord, Civic, Pilot, Ridgeline, and Fit models are currently equipped with HondaLink. Visit hondalink.honda.com for a complete list of models.

Which HondaLink Generation Do I Have?

Most 2016 and 2017 Honda models come with the Next Generation software. Older models may have either version. Here are two tables to help you identify the HondaLink software in your vehicle.

Photos: http://owners.honda.com/hondalink

What Types of Apps Are Available?

Four required apps and one optional app are available with the HondaLink Next Generation version.

  • Aha App – The Aha app offers various types of audio content, including podcasts, audio books, and streaming radio stations. It also works as a GPS to point you toward nearby points of interest, gas stations, restaurants, and more.
  • App Launcher – This is the core app that locates, connects, and manages all HondaLink and related third-party applications.
  • Connect App – the Connect app grants quick accessibility to owner’s manuals, messaging, maintenance records, weather, and your service scheduling features.
  • Navigation App – Navigation allows users to select destinations and view 3D maps with directions on the touchscreen display. For added convenience, steering wheel controls can be used to interact with the HondaLink Navigation system.
  • iHeartRadio for Auto – An optional app, iHeartRadio for Auto is designed to make streaming live radio as simple as tapping a button. Create your own personalized stations, listen to on-demand music and podcasts, or get your ear yapped off by talk radio DJs.

How Do I Begin Using HondaLink?

Getting started with your HondaLink system is simple. Begin by downloading the HondaLink App Launcher and follow the steps. Watch the video below for more help, or call one of our car dealers near Port St Lucie, FL, for more assistance.

What is HandsFreeLink?

HandsFreeLink is what enables you to connect your phone to the vehicle using Bluetooth technology. With it, you can make or receive calls using the HandsFree button on the steering wheel or with simple voice commands. Honda aims to make driving safer, and this keeps distractions to a minimum.

How Do I Connect My Phone to HandsFreeLink?

If your smartphone has Bluetooth—most do—enable it, then follow these steps to sync the phone with your Honda.

  1. Enter the vehicle’s “Settings” screen by holding the DISP button
  2. Go to “Phone Settings”
  3. Select “Connect Phone” (Alternatively, you can select “Bluetooth Device List” and connect through there)
  4. Choose “Add Bluetooth Device” and select “OK” when prompted
  5. HandsFreeLink will search and ask you to choose your phone from a list or use select “Phone Not Found” and use your phone to search for HandsFreeLink
  6. You’ll receive a code from HandsFreeLink to verify connection
  7. Enable “Phone Synchronization” to retain contact lists and call history automatically

As always, if you need further assistance with your HandsFreeLink or HondaLink setup, visit one of our Honda dealerships near Boca Raton, FL. We’re always available to lend a hand thanks to our convenient locations throughout South Florida, including the cities of Miami, Coral Springs, and Pompano Beach.